In only a few months, the corona virus has affected people all over the world and changed their lifestyles enormously. The global pandemic has had a huge impact on our environment and how we live and work. Many things and their working systems have changed due to it; these changes are done for the betterment of the people and their health. Let’s take a look at the changes caused by the pandemic for our living and working spaces.

  1. Offices With Distanced Working Environment:

Distancing is extremely essential due to the pandemic and necessary for social and working environments. People are required to maintain a distance even in their homes with their family members. This does not mean that people won’t ever gather again or be allowed in workspaces together. However, it will impact the structure of offices and how they are built. Relationships with coworkers may change after the pandemic when we rejoin our offices. People will try to distance themselves and will avoid in-person communication unless necessary. Many office structures may change with distant working desks or cabins being used on top of following the standard operating procedures. Every individual will be given separate laptops and the use of shared equipment and machinery may decrease.

  • Changes In Our Home:

The pandemic will change the look of our houses as well. Many people will set their houses with different structure rooms. Space or dedicated room may be added in case of an emergency or for isolation of a sick family member or roommate. Many people are also working from home due to the lock down and dedicated working spaces are already being added to houses.  Home office spaces will be required to have good lighting for online meetings and a disturbance-free environment to work efficiently. Work from home will be beneficial for everyone as it reduces the risk of contracting the virus while being just as productive to move your career forward.

  • Cleanliness Is Important:

The global pandemic and the lock down that followed have also reminded us of the importance of cleanliness. Sanitising the offices and workplaces will be essential for the safety of millions of employees worldwide. Likewise, cleanliness at home and sanitising your living space is also vital to keep you and your loved ones from contracting the virus. Cleaner environments for living and working are recommended by doctors too as this removes any virus particles in different places and things we may touch. The use of gloves and masks will be required for offices as a part of standard operating procedures and sanitisers will be placed too.

The lock down and increasing cases due to this pandemic will have a huge impact on our lives. These changes to offices may be implemented sooner, rather than later for the safety of employees. On the other hand, it is your responsibility to keep your house clean and sanitised for the safety of your loved ones.