Anti Fraud Monitoring

Take reasonable precautions to protect your company today with our Anti-Fraud Monitoring Product for just £19.99 per year.

Use our Limited Anti-Fraud Monitoring product to ensure that your company never falls victim to fraudsters. It is easy to get caught up in the day to day running of business so we will send you quarterly credit reports and alert instantly when any changes are made to your company on paper forms.

Just £19.99 per year 

It is surprisingly easier than you may expect for someone to gain access to your company and make unauthorised changes, such as adding themselves as a director. If someone is able to successfully add themselves as a director in your company, it could have far-reaching detrimental effects. They could, for instance, gain access to your bank accounts, apply for loans and credit or even close the company.

With our Limited Company Anti-Fraud Monitoring service, we make it simple to ensure that you are always aware of the safety and security of your company

Instant Company Change Alerts

If anyone makes changes to your Limited Company using paper forms (ie. they completed and posted in paper-based Companies House forms), we will alert you of the nature of the change

Quarterly Credit Reports

It is important to remember that your company is a legal entity with its own credit profile, its own credit history and it’s own bank account. This means if anyone is able to gain control of your company, they may be able to access your financial accounts and apply for credit.

By sending you email copies of your quarterly credit reports, you can monitor all the financial data available for your company and you can check that it is accurate. So for instance, if you notice any new credit applications or new bank accounts on your Company Credit report, you can follow up on the sources of these unrecognised actions.

What’s Included


Instant Company Change Alerts


Quarterly Company Credit Reports


Ledgendary Customer Support

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What other precautions can you take to protect your Company?

Protect your Company Addresses and Director Addresses available with our Complete Company Address Service. By leaving as little information about your company available to the public online, you can further protect your business from identity fraud. Use our Address service to maintain the privacy of the personal addresses of your company directors.

Complete Company Address Service includes:

  • Registered Office (with free official mail forwarding)
  • Virtual Office Address (with free business mail forwarding)
  • Director Service Address (up to 5 directors)

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