Printed Share Certificate

All our Company Formation Packages include a digital Share Certificate which will be sent to you electronically via email. However, should you require a Printed Share Certificate you can order one today for just £15.99.

Get a printed share certificate to demonstrate your Ownership of Shares in a Company for just £15.99.

A Share Certificate is an official document issued by a UK company which should be made available to each Shareholder. It a shareholder’s legal proof of ownership of a certain number of shares, the value of those shares and the type of shares owned in a specific company.

A copy of each Share certificate should also be kept as part of the Company’s official Company Documents. 

What information does a Limited Company Share Certificate contain?

  • The shareholder’s full name
  • The shareholder’s address
  • The number of shares held
  • The date from which the shares have been owned
  • The class or type of shares held
  • Amount paid or unpaid on the shares

The Share certificate also need to be signed by 2 official officers of the company such as the directors or company secretary.

What’s Included


Printed Share Certificate


Printed on 100% Recycled Paper Only


Delivery within 3-5 working days

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Is it compulsory to issue Share Certificates?

Yes. By law, it is required that you issue accurate Share Certificates to shareholders within 2 months of any shares being issued or changed in anyway.

What happens if there are changes in the Share structure of a Limited Company?

You need to pass a special resolution to change the share structure of a company, this means at least 75% of the shareholders’ vote is in agreement with the change of the structure of your the Company shares.

If the change in the structure of shares affects shareholdings of any shareholder in any way, they would need to be re-issued with a new Share Certificate as proof of their current shareholding in the Company.

What if I own different classes of shares in the same Limited company?

Under this circumstance, it is required that the Company issues more a separate share certificate for each class of share.

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