Seed Formations Tree Planting Pledge

For every company formed on our website Seed Formations will pledge to plant 1 tree sapling.

Plant more trees

Plant more trees in Seed Formations Forest or start your own forest with FORST NATION today. 

Where we plant

Forest Nation Kwemishuza Tree Nursery

Lushoto, Tanzania


Who Plants the Trees?

We plant trees with the help our Tree Planting Partners – Forest Nation. 

Forest Nation works closely with local tree nurseries to ensure bests practices are followed. They use agroforestry techniques where trees or shrubs are grown around or among crops or pastureland to increase natural reforestation and biodiversity as nature intended.


What we plant

Fruit Tree Species:  

Avocado, Peach, Loquats, Bananas. (fruit species)

Time to Fruit Bearing: 12 – 18 months


Forest Tree Species:

Lavofia Caffra, Albizia Schimperiana,Croton Megalocapus, Makhamea Lutea 

 Time to mature: 12 months to 2 years



Plant more trees

Plant more trees in Seed Formations Forest or start your own forest with FORST NATION today. 

Plant more trees

Plant more trees in Seed Formations Forest or start your own forest with FORST NATION today. 

Progress so far

  • 1,320 Fruit bearing trees planted

  • 33.00 Tons CO2 sequestration per year*

  • 132.00 Tons O2 created per year*

  • 52.80 Hours of work per year for tree planting families (Based upon hours to grow and plant trees and then to collect their harvest…)

  • 1.32 Hectares of land reforested

Our Tree Planting Process

1. Form a Company

Take the first step to joining the cause and form a company on Seed Formations.

2. Your Company is Formed

Once your Company has been formed and finalised we will plant a tree on your behalf with our partner ForestNation.

3. Tree Planting Certificate

You will then receive an email from us with 

We total up all the trees we need to plant once a month. So we issue Digital Tree Planting Certificates in the first week of the month after you have formed your company. 

100% Recycled Paper, Always

We print company documents on 100% recycled paper from waste sources.

Why we do this and why we think you should too?

Using recycled paper means we are reusing potentially pollutant waste which has been recycled. This in turn will reduce the demand for tree wood, preserving our natural forest and reduce our carbon foot print. Using recycled paper will also reduce pollution from manufacturing of paper.  


We use 100% Green Energy

Green energy is a type of energy we get from renewable sources, rather than non-renewable sources like oil or coal. It’s called ‘green’ as producing power from these sources reduces the negative impact, we have on the environment by producing a smaller carbon footprint.

Seed Formations has pledged to use green energy providers for its utilities to ensure it does its part in reducing its carbon footprint.

Switch to Green Energy today!

By switching to Green Energy we’re saving 1.3 tonnes of CO2 which equates to 655 trees per year. And you can too!

Switch to green energy for your home or business today>>

Contact us about Tree Planting

Interested in learning more about how we are implementing our Green Business Initiative or if you would like advice on starting your own green initiative send us an email on

Or if you have a tree planting idea or project which we can get involved in, we would love to hear more about it. 


We are happy to confirm that we are continuing to form companies online without disruption.

Read the latest Covid-19 updates for our customers and all small businesses.

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