Corporate Social Responsibility

Seed Formation and its staff take its role as a green and socially responsible business serious and commit to using our corporate position to make a positive impact on our environment and social impact, where we can.

Seed Formations has already implemented some initiatives as you can see below, but will continuously be looking to add new ways to assist contributing to society and the environment.

100% Recycled Paper, Always

We print company documents on 100% recycled paper from waste sources.

Why we do this and why we think you should too?

Using recycled paper means we are reusing potentially pollutant waste which has been recycled. This in turn will reduce the demand for tree wood, preserving our natural forest and reduce our carbon foot print. Using recycled paper will also reduce pollution from manufacturing of paper.  


We use 100% Green Energy

Green energy is a type of energy we get from renewable sources, rather than non-renewable sources like oil or coal. It’s called ‘green’ as producing power from these sources reduces the negative impact, we have on the environment by producing a smaller carbon footprint.

Seed Formations has pledged to use green energy providers for its utilities to ensure it does its part in reducing its carbon footprint.

Switch to Green Energy today!

By switching to Green Energy we’re saving 1.3 tonnes of CO2 which equates to 655 trees per year. And you can too! Contact us for more information about how to switch your business to Green Energy.

Seed Formations Tree Planting Pledge

For every company formed on our website Seed Formations will pledge to plant 1 tree or seed.

In a two year period we’ve lost enough trees to cover Spain or about 4 x the size of England, which is about 493,716 square kilometres, according to satellite data released by Global Forest Watch (GFW). Currently, deforestation accounts for around 10-15% of annual global carbon emissions.

Trees are a crucial factor to our existence and not only because they are used to produce paper, lumber and chewing gum, but because they serve an important role in the carbon cycle. With an ever-increasing global population that seemingly distant future is nearing each and every day and if we don’t all do our bit, the world will be unsustainable with C02 levels reaching heights never seen before.

Closer to home in the UK 13% is covered by forest compared to an average of 30% in most other European countries. Our help absorb our CO2 emissions and releases oxygen, which is crucial in the fight against climate change, for cleaner air and to reduce global warming. Our forests are an essential natural asset which help prevent flooding and provides a home for thousands of animals and insects.

So Seed Formations has decided to do its bit and stand up to climate change and help keep our beautiful world beautiful, by committing to plant a tree somewhere in the world for every company formed on our website.

Our Tree Planting Process

1. Form a Company

Take the first step to joining the cause and form a company on Seed Formations.

2. Your Company is Formed

Once your Company has been formed and finalised we will plant a tree on your behalf with our partner ForestNation.

3. Get your Tree Planting Certifcate

You will then receive an email from us with 

    1. An information brochure on which location and project your tree has been planted.
    2. A Tree Planting Certificate with your company name and the location your tree has been planted.

4. Display your Certificate

Show your clients and customers that you are a giving company, by putting your certificate on the wall.

Interested in going Green?

Interested in learning more about how we are implementing our Green Business Initiative or if you would like advice on starting your own green initiative send us an email on