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Who Is This Package For

Limited Liability Partnership Package (LLP) will save you on legal costs and will be ready to trade within 3 hours, this package suites professionals such as architects, medical practitioners, solicitors, accountants and anyone else looking to have the limited liability of a company and the tax advantages of a partnership.

What is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a type of company which trades as a partnership, but also has limited liability for its members (partners) like a limited company. It has the flexibility of a partnership and is taxed as partnership but still operates similar to a private company.

Members of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Limited liability partnerships (LLP) do not have directors or secretaries like in a limited company.

Instead a Limited liability partnerships (LLP) must have at least one ‘limited partner and one ‘general partner’, each of these types of partners have different responsibilities. A partner can either be an individual or a company.

General and limited partners have different responsibilities and although having different responsibilities all partners must pay tax on their share of the profits earned.

If the partnership fails or defaults the partners are only liable to lose the money they have invested in the Limited liability partnerships (LLP), meaning their private assets will be safe , but if it is an unregistered partnership, then ALL or ANY of the partners can be held liable for the debts of other partners.

Digital Print Pack (included)

Seed Formations is the UK’s first Green Company Formation agent. So you won’t find printed documents included in our packages. Instead, we will send you a complete Digital Print Pack, from which you can choose to print what you need.

You can choose to add on a print and post for just £4.99 (UK only) and we will send you your printed company documents on 100% recycled paper. We hope you will consider the environment before choosing to print.

The LLP Package includes


Companies House £12 Fee Included


Partner Service Address (free for 1 partner, buy additional service addresses for £17.88 each)


Email copy of Certificate of Incorporation


Email copy of Company Rregister


Lighting fast company formation process


No extra costs – what you see is what you get


FREE ROCKET BOOSTER Pack to jump start your company to success.

We pledge to plant 1 tree seed for every company formed on our site. You will also receive  a personalised Tree Planting Certificate.

Buy now for just £29.99 + VAT. Start off by choosing your perfect company name. 


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Free Business Email Address

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Get a 15-minute consultation with an accountant plus first 1 months totally free.

Free Online Company Manager

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Free Company Deadline Reminders

Never miss an important company deadline.

What’s Included

Instant Submission of your Company Application

Once you submit your online Limited company formation via Seed Formations’ online portal, it will then be instantly sent to Companies. It’s that simple.

Limited Liability Partnership Formed Online and Ready To Trade

Submit online to form your LLP UK company and, once approved by Companies House, your new Limited Liability Company could be ready to start trading in as little 24 hours. You will receive confirmation of your newly formed company which will include all your official company documents (electronic copies) direct to your email. This will mean you have successfully set up your company and you are ready to start trading.

ALL FEES INCLUDED – No Hidden Extras or Surprise Costs

We have a policy of transparency with our pricing and want you to be clear on what you are paying for when you form you Limited company or take one of our services. We have included the Companies House £12 registration fee.

All official digital company documents emailed

Seed Formations’ will email all official digital LLP Formation documents directly to your chosen email address in PDF format as once your company is approved by Companies House.

Quick Online Company Formation. No Paperwork. No Fuss.

Form your company entirely online without paperwork, signatures, documents in as little as 5 minutes.

All you need to do is follow our step by step company formation application form that guides you through the required company and partner information requirements and if you need help we are only a click away.

Set up your Limited Liability Partnership now in just 5 minutes!

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What information do I need to form a company?

You will need a company name and company registered officee address. You will also need details of the partners and Persons with Significant control. 

How long does it take to form a company?

It usually takes between 3 to 24 hours to be notified that your company has been formed. It varies depending on the workload at Companies House and the accuracy of the information you submit in your Company Formation Application. 

Where can I find my company documents after my LLP formation is complete?

We will email your Limited Liability Formation documents to you once your LLP company has been approved. This will include your Company Certificate. You can always login to our Company Manager Portal to download your documents whenever you need them.

What happens after I submit my company information?

We will send your company formation application to Companies House instantly. Once Companies House has approved your company formation, we will email you to let you know that your company is active.  

What if I need help during my application?

Seed Formations offers outstanding customer support. We are happy to assist you with your company formation over the phone or through our live chat. We are also happy to meet you at our central London offices to complete your formation with you. 

I am not a UK resident, can I still buy this package?

Yes. There are no restrictions on the residency or nationality of the directors or shareholders of a UK Limited Company. If you are a non-resident, you may be interested in our Non-Resident Company Formation package which includes everything you need to set up a Limited company from outside the UK, 

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