Non Residents UK Company Package


plus £50 Companies House Fees

We’ve been helping people from around the world form their companies in UK  for many years and we understand what’s important to you. You can expect first class support from our customer service team during and after your company formation.

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Thousands of individuals from across the globe form companies in the UK each year. The process is simple and cost effective, however,  we understand that for many it can seem overwhelming when you are outside the UK. Our Non Residents UK Company Formation Package overcomes that concern.

Our Non Residents Package is a perfect fit for anyone based outside the UK who needs to form a company in the UK and create a professional UK brand presence.

We include all your address services, such as your UK registered office address, trading address and director service address –  plus you gain an instant British business image with, .co.uk domain name and a free professional business email!

All this for just £79.99 + VAT. You will also need to pay a £50 Companies House registration fee. 

Need Help? Read our FAQs for Non Residents who want to form a Company in the UK. 

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The Non-Resident Package Includes

UK Company Formation


Lighting fast company formation process


Electronic Copies of Company Documents emailed to you. (includes Share Certificates, Company Certificate, Memorandum and Articles of Association)


Pre Submission Review 

UK Business Bank Account*


We will refer you to 3-4 Online UK Business Bank accounts where you can submit an application online without visiting the UK.


All accounts will include a sort code and account number and a business bank card


No Monthly fees

UK Company Address


An elite company UK registered office address (required by UK Company law)


Director Service Address for 1 Director


An elite company central London business trading address to use on your marketing material


Free Scanning and Email of all your post 


Mail can be forwarded to any address in the world, at a small fee (if you require it)

Your British Company Image


.co.uk domain name for your UK business website


free business email address on your chosen domain name (100mb)

Accountancy Services


VAT Registration 


Confirmation Statement Filing Service 


HMRC registration for Corporation Tax (we will send you your Unique Tax Reference number)

Plus Free Bonus Addons


FREE ROCKET BOOSTER Pack to jump start your company to success.


Free Management Service Pack

We pledge to plant 1 tree seed for every company formed on our site. You will also receive  a personalised Tree Planting Certificate.

*UK Business Bank Accounts from Barclays, Lloyds, CashPlus and TIDE are restricted to Companies with UK resident directors. We may be able to assist you with virtual UK business banking alternatives if you are not able to visit the UK. 

The Non-Resident Company Formation FAQs

Can a Non-UK resident form a company in the UK?


There is no restriction on nationality or location of either the directors or shareholders when forming  a Limited Company in the UK. A non-resident person can be the director of a UK Limited company a non-resident person can also be a shareholder of a UK Limited company. A person can also be both.

What are the basic legal requirements to form a Limited Company in the UK?
  • A registered office address which must be a UK address and cannot be a P.O Box Address
  • You must be able to receive mail at your registered office address
  • At least 1 director and 1 shareholder (who can be the same person but in both instances must be over 16 years old)

The great news is, our Non-Residents Package includes the use of our Registered office address. We will also ensure you receive all your mail via scan and email services. Should you require hard copies of your mail, these can be forwarded to you for a small fee.

What’s the difference between a Trading Address, Registered Office Address and Director Service Address?

Good question!

A registered office address is  your legal company address. It must be a UK address and is a standard requirement to be able to form a company in the UK. You will receive post from HMRC tax authorities and Companies House at this address only.

A trading address (also known as a virtual office address) is less formal and is basically the address which you use on your marketing materials, your website, your business cards and other correspondence. It is an address where you can receive your general business mail ie from customers, suppliers, partners, banks etc.

A Director Service address (also known as a Service Address) is the correspondence address for each director of a company and is on public record. This does not have to be a UK address.

How long does the Company Approval process take in the UK?

Once you have completed your company formation form online, Companies House needs to approve the details of your company. This can take upto 24 hours, but is usually quicker.

What happens after your Company is Approved by Companies House?

You will receive an email confirming that your company has been formed in the UK. This email will include your unique Company Number and your Company documents including:

  • A company Certificate
  • A Share certificate
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association for your company
How can I open a Business Bank Account in the UK if I am not in the UK?

Being a non-resident company director can make it challenging to open up a high street bank account in the UK. 

Once your company is formed we will share the best banking options for you by email and you can choose your preferred option and make your application online. Accounts are usually approved within a few hours. 

What if I need to make changes to my Company in the future?

We offer our customers free access to a company manager portal, where you are able to login and Manage your company details.

  • Edit details
  • Re-download company documents
  • Purchase new company services


How can I check that my Company has been successfully formed?

You will be able find your company on the public register of companies in the UK on Companies House Website. All you need to do it visit the Companies House website and search for your company using your company name or number.

Does every company in the UK have to register for VAT?

No. You do not have to register for VAT in the UK unless:

-You expect your annual turnover will exceed £85,000 in the next 30 days

-You choose to register for VAT voluntarily.

What information do you need to complete your company formation online?

1. A UK registered office address


This address will be your legal company address and will be on public record. It must be a UK address and you must be able to post sent by HMRC and Companies House on this address.

Our Non-Residents package includes the use of our Kings Cross, WC1X address.

  1. Director Details
  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Occupation
  • Country of Residence (this can be any country)
  • Residential Address
  1. Shareholder Details
  • Full name
  • Residential Address
  • Share Currency
  • Number of Shares
  • Value Per Share
What information do you need to set up your address services?

In accordance with Anti Money Laundering regulations we will require the following copies of ID to start your company address services including registered office service, trading address services and director service address:

  1. Proof of ID
  2. Proof of Address

Free .co.uk or .com domain

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What’s included

All official digital company documents emailed

Seed Formations will email all official digital company documents directly to your chosen email address in PDF format as once your company is approved by Companies House. The following documents will be included:

  • Digital copy of your Certificate of Incorporation
  • Digital copy of your Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Digital copy of your Share Certificate(s)
  • Digital copy of your Company Register

Free Management Service Pack 

Seed Formations will assist you in making sure your company is compliant, plus save you money in the process, all via our secure company management tool, as well as email and call assistance to make sure the changes you need are made correctly and promptly.

Learn more about Management Service Pack

Registered Office Address – WC1X London

The Mighty Oak Package includes the use of our Central London Registered Office Address. We will scan and email all your post to you free of charge. Should you wish to renew this after 12 months it is just £23.76+vat per year.

Director Service Address – WC1X London

The Mighty Oak Package includes the use of our Director Service Address. We will scan and email all your post to you free of charge. Should you wish to renew this after 12 months it is just £17.88 per year.

Business Trading Address – WC1X London

The Mighty Oak Package includes the use of our prestigous central London address as your business trading address. This will allow you to use our address on your marketing material such as letterheads, business cards, adverts and to communicate with your suppliers We will scan and email all your post to you free of charge. Should you wish to renew this after 12 months it is just £72.

VAT Registration

If you would like to register for VAT we can complete your VAT registration and ensure you receive your VAT number and VAT certificate as soon within 2-4 weeks of starting your registration. (valued at £49.99)

Confirmation Statement Filing Service 

Seed formations will submit your first confirmation statement to Companies House on your behalf. Your first confirmation statement is, in most circumstances, due on the 12 months anniversary of your company being formed. This service would usually cost you £29.99 + vat.

Instant Submission of your new company to Companies House

Once you submit your online Limited company formation via Seed Formations’ online portal, it will then be instantly sent to Companies. It’s that simple.

Limited Company formed online and ready to trade

Submit your application to form your UK company online and once approved by Companies House, your new Limited Company could be ready to start trading in as little 24 hours. You will receive confirmation of your newly formed company which will include all your official company documents (electronic copies) direct to your email. This will mean you have successfully set up your company and you are ready to start trading.


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