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Suitable for Non-UK Residents who do not have a Company address in the UK

Why use our Registered Office Address?

Every limited company formed in the UK is required to have a registered office address which must be a UK address. This address will be your official company address. You need to choose a registered office address while you are forming a company and it will be displayed on Public record.

A registered office address will receive any government official post from either Companies House or HMRC, so it is important that you are able to receive your post at this address so not to miss any important legal government mail.

With Seed Formations London Registered Office Service, we ensure you never miss an important post at your official registered office address. We send your post to you on a daily basis (by email or post) and you have the freedom to choose how you would like to receive your post.

Sign up today and start using your London Registered Office Address instantly! 

      How it Works

      • We receive your post at our address (Government Post from HMRC or Companies House)
      • You choose how to receive your post.:
      1. Scan and Email – We will scan and email your post to any email address you choose. This is a free service.
      2. Postal forward – We will forward your mail on a daily basis to any address you choose for a small Fee equivalent to Royal Mail Charges +12.5% handling fee.

      Ways To Buy

      There are three ways to order. If you are a new customer then and do not have a company yet then you can order this when you form your company.

      If you are a new customer and you already have a company then you can create an account with us and import your existing company into your company manager and order the service from the shop.

      Already have an account with us then just login and go to the shop and add the service to the cart and checkout.

      Form A Company Today

      If you would like to order this service and form a company you can choose from our list of formation packages

      Already have a company?

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      Learn more about the Registered Office Address services we offer for your limited company. If you have more questions, visit our Knowledgebase or get in touch with us.

      Call us on +442074382019 or use our Live Chat to speak to our friendly customer service team today!

      How can I receive my post?

      You can choose to have your mail posted or email.

      Daily emails – you will receive a scanned copy of your post to any emails address you choose – the same day it arrives.

      Posted (twice a month) – You can also choose to have your post delivered to any address in the UK. Simply choose your forwarding address when you are checking. Postage costs 12.5% + Royal Mail handling charges. 

      What is the importance of a Registered Office Address ?

      As part of the UK Company Formation process, you need to have a registered office address for your company and it must be a UK address.

      – The registered office address receives all the official mail from Companies House and HMRC. For legal reasons, it is therefore very important that you are able to receive post at this address. We make this easy by forwarding or emailing your post to you on a daily basis.

      – This address will also be visible on public records.


      Can I change it my Registered Office Address later?

      Yes. You can change your registered office address at any time. As long as you changing it to another address in the UK. To change your Company Registered Office Address you need to complete a company Name Change Application on Companies House form called ‘ Change a registered office address (AD01)’

      If you have an existing Registered Office Address and would like to purchase our address service, we can complete your company address change Free of Charge. Simply purchase our Registered Office Address service and let us do the rest.

      Can I use this as a Director Service Address?


      The Director service address allows Directors to maintain their personal address privacy, by using our address instead.

      This service is included Free with The Pine (just £23.99) and Mighty Oak (£73.99) package. 

      Or you can purchase the Director Service Address for just £17.88 per year.

      Can I use my Registered Office Address on my business stationary?

      No, a registered office address is only for use on Companies House and can only be used to receive government-issued mail.

      However, we do offer a London Business Trading Address Service, which allows you to use the address on your business stationary such as business cards, letterheads and websites.

      Our Business Trading Address Service costs just £72 per year and includes the scan and email of all your mail plus we can post your mail to you, for a small fee. 

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      Approved Registration Agents

      There are only a few registered agents approved by Companies House in the UK and we are proud to be one of them. This means we are allowed to submit and support your application to form a company from start to end.

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      We've been forming companies and supporting new businesses in the UK for many years. We have the skills and experience to ensure your company formation is successful and that your business is ready to grow and compete in an exciting startup market.

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