Pre Submission Review

Remove any uncertainty regarding your Company Formation by adding our Pre Submission Review onto your Company Formation package for just £4.99.

Avoid the most common mistakes made during a Company Formation by getting a professional review of your company formation before it is submitted to Companies House and submitted to Public record. Use our PRE-SUBMISSION REVIEW SERVICE for just £4.99 and rest assured that your Company Formation will be processed correctly.

Forming a company is the start of a legal commitment. It is very important to submit the correct information to companies house in the very first instance. The process of forming a company can be daunting for those who are not familiar with the jargon of Company Laws and regulations or perhaps you are not sure if you have chosen the correct share Options or something else. Whatever the uncertainty regarding your Company Formation – we can help.


The Pre-Submission Review Service is only available as an add-on to a company formation.

  1. Choose a Pre Submission Review Addon while forming a company
  2. One of our customer service team will review your submitted information before the final submission to companies house.

Common Mistakes During the UK Company Formation Process

  • Misspelling a Company Name
  • Misspelling a Director or Shareholder Name
  • Forgetting to Choose a Person of Significant Control
  • Incorrectly entering the Registered Office Address
  • Incorrectly entering the Director Addresses (ie. Service and Residential addresses)
  • Mistakes in the number, type or value of shares

What’s Included


An expert review of your Company Formation application before it is sent to Companies House


Advice and guidance on any changes which need to be made.


Ledgendary Customer Support

How to Buy

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