Because of COVID-19, all of us have been stuck at home for the past year. However, as vaccines are being developed and rolled out, restrictions are getting lax, and people are eager to travel or see their loved ones. The creation of vaccine passports will ease travelling even further.

Here is everything you need to know about the vaccine passport and if you will need one to travel for work.

What Is A Vaccine Passport?

Vaccine passports are proof that an individual has been vaccinated or has tested negatively for COVID-19. Such evidence will allow people to travel for work, visit their loved ones, and get into places such as stadiums and concerts. The development of vaccine passports is still underway.

Many experts say that they should not just be available on mobile apps as not everyone has a smartphone. Instead, they should be available on paper too. These passports are already under development in many parts of Europe and are used in Israel.

How Will Vaccine Passports Work?            

As of now, there is no digital vaccine passport. It may go as the following and hopefully give you an understand how it will works:

  • You download the passport app on your mobile
  • You create an account with your biometric data
  • You upload your vaccination dates, vaccination card, or a negative COVID-19 result
  • You scan your passport QR codes at various travel checkpoints so you can be allowed to enter

It would be a quick process, and it will allow people who are vaccinated to travel with ease. However, a digital vaccine passport is not a perfect solution, and many concerns are there. Let’s understand them in-depth.

The Problem With Digital Vaccine Passports

With traditional paper vaccine passports, the problem is that they can easily be forged. Many people sell fake vaccination cards for money, which was a big concern with a pandemic like COVID-19. The digital vaccine passport overcomes this problem but brings its own set of challenges.

The biggest concern with a digital passport is privacy. That is because these apps need to be created so that it does not give away personal health information to other users. Such data should not be widely disclosed to public officials in charge of stadiums, event venues, etc.

On the other hand, not everyone has a smartphone. There are still many people out there that don’t use a smartphone or the internet. That is why the vaccine passport needs to take those people into account and allow them to show a different proof of their vaccination.

We can’t predict what will happen right now, but we understand that vaccine passports will be rolling out sometime soon. So, get ready to show proof of vaccination and travel for work.

Final Words

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