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Europe now comes under the strictest data protection laws in the world. GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is one of the main European Union (EU) privacy and data protection law. It is set to allow the citizens of the European Union to gain more control or access over their data. The goal is to ease the regulatory structure for enterprises so that the digital economy will directly benefit both individuals and businesses in the European Union. And also modernization and simplifications of the data rules for companies operating in the EU.

The changes are intended to put forward laws and responsibilities across Europe, as well as those related to consent, data, and privacy protection for the citizens in the network connected era. Your personal data is always collected and stored by any organization whether, it is banks, social media or any other.

Company Formation under GDPR Compliance

The responsibility of dealing with the laws governing data protection and privacy also falls to companies and organizations. GDPR laws extend towards all companies and organizations founded in the EU, irrespective of the fact that if the data collection takes place or not in the EU. Even the companies which aren’t established in the EU will fall under GDPR compliance.

If your business or organization offers any services within the EU, they will be subject to compliance with GDPR. Any company that works with data processing should assign a data controller who is responsible for complying with the GDPR.

But according to Article 30 of the law, which states that this GDPR compliance will not be binding on organizations having less than 250 workers until the tasks carried out by the organizations don’t pose any risks to the rights and liberties of their data users. So if you are still not aware of whether the laws apply to you or not, then you must note that even if your small business requires any kind of data processing, then it is subject under GDPR. The penalty for failing to comply with GDPR regulations is up to one million euros.

Privacy and Consent

Consent is going to be the most important thing when your organization is complying under GDPR. Under the new laws, obtaining consent, and having access to personal information might turn out to be more difficult than before.

Consent should be given as per by the individuals themselves, so this way your organization can prove that they have the consent of client before accessing to any information for marketing purposes.

This way the organization are responsible for handling people’s data, and this will ensure that the individuals personal information is used  by their own consent. Then, the individuals will have the liberty of withdrawing their consent whenever they want.


Even though it may seem like an arduous task for companies to acquire, but it also has some opportunities. When the company tries to value its customers’ data privacy, it builds trust among them. Also, to avoid any legal fines, your company or organization must be subject under GDPR.

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