Most of the jobs nowadays are centred around sitting in an office chair from 9-5 and doing paperwork. By doing this every single day, you are not only making it difficult for yourself to be active, but you are also making your body used to staying still and being stagnant for long periods.

For this reason alone, here are eight exercises that you can do while at your desk to stay healthy and fit and avoid any work-related injuries. Let’s see what they are and how you can incorporate them in your work.

1.  Triceps Dips

When you are at work, there is always a time when you are having a slow day or don’t have a lot of work. It is at this time where you can get this desk workout in your schedule. All you need to do is place yourself in front of the chair.  Then proceed to put your hands on the armrest of your chair, lower yourself down and pick yourself back up several times.

2.  Arm Pulses

Another exercise that is very simple and takes less time. Just sit up straight on your chair and make sure your arms are hanging by your side. Make them straight and then pull them back for 20 sec and keep doing that to make your arms more fit and the blood flowing through.

3.  Seated Bicycle Crunches

For this exercise, you don’t even need to get up from your chair. Sit straight with your feet planted to the ground and then place your hand behind your head. Then lift your knee and bring it sideways while turning sideways and doing the crunch.

4.  Oblique Twists

The exercise will seem like the best one out of all mentioned. All you need to do here is sit up straight and hold your core. Place your hands on the desk and twist from one side to the other all the while with your feet hovering.

5.  Neck Rolls

Just take a deep breath and lean your head forward and then slowly make a circle. Keep repeating that until you are relaxed.

6.  Shoulder Stretch

Clasp your hand together and hold them above your head and stretch for 20 seconds. Try to stretch your arms as much as you can without hurting yourself.

7.  Shoulder Rolls

Sit up straight in your chair and then lift your shoulder to your ears and then slowly roll them back. Doing this a couple of times will be soothing.

8.  Chest Stretch

Clasp your hand together behind your back and stretch hard. This way, you will bring your chest forth, and your shoulders pulled back. By pulling your chest out and raising your chin, you will relax your back and shoulders.

With these eight exercises, you can stay healthy and fit while doing a desk job. Just because you have to sit at work all day does not mean that you can let yourself go. Work hard and keep yourself fit. That is the only way to succeed and lead a happy life.