We all love to look beautiful. The beauty industry is thriving fast. People all over the world use beauty products and services every day. People have become more beauty conscious hence the need for the beauty industry. Entrepreneurs have joined the beauty industry to provide beauty goods and services. This article will guide you if you are an entrepreneur and want to join the beauty industry. You will learn about eight beauty business ideas you can start in 2022.

Hair and beauty salon

It is a beauty business anyone interested in beauty should start. In a hair and beauty salon, a person will get their hair done. It will help improve someone’s appearance. Starting a hair and beauty salon will depend on several things. Some people are trained to make hair and others are talented and need no training. Once you identify you would like to start this type of business, get the required training.

You can offer different types of hair and beauty salon options. As an entrepreneur, you can decide to give the services from a shop or do house calls. Location is an essential part of a beauty business. A business owner also needs to understand market trends. It will help the beauty business owner to stay updated with the latest trends and offer the latest services.

Get the needed licenses and permits for your hair and beauty salon business. It is essential to be on the right side of the law. A hair and beauty salon will need equipment to run. Buy the required equipment for your hair and beauty salon business.

Cosmetics and Beauty products shop

The demand for cosmetics and beauty products is high. People are now aware of the need of looking after their skin and beauty. There are millions of cosmetic brands available in the market. As an entrepreneur, one should pick their niche. Which beauty products do you want to sell? Will you only sell haircare products or skincare products or both? Knowing what you are going to sell is essential.

A cosmetic and beauty product entrepreneur needs to understand the market. An entrepreneur should know what is trending in the market and the best products to sell. An entrepreneur should also know what the customers want and what they are willing to buy. Market research will help a cosmetic and beauty product shop owner identify market trends.

An entrepreneur can also decide on the types of services offered. One can have a physical shop, an online shop, or both. The next step should be getting permits and licenses for the beauty business.

Makeup artist

If you are an artist, you can take advantage of your art skills and be trained as a makeup artist. The makeup industry is growing. For makeup, you need to have the necessary equipment. It can include makeup brushes, brow pencils, and makeup remover.

As a makeup artist, you can decide to pick your niche. There are different types of makeup you can choose. It can include bridal makeup, natural makeup, celebrity makeup, and HD makeup among others. As a makeup artist, you can decide to do both house calls or if you have a shop, customers can visit your shop to get their makeup done.

Nail Salon

Having a nail salon is a profitable business. Everyone wants to have his or her nails looking good at any point. For the nail salon business, there are different services you can offer. Nail services can include applying nail polish, manicures, pedicures, nail repairs, and others. As a nail salon owner, you can get training to perfect your nail beautifying skills.


This is a beauty business idea that can thrive in 2022. There is a need for more barbershops. Shaving is a skill that one can learn and start a barbershop later. For this type of business, you can either do house calls or have a physical shop. If there is a physical, make sure it is well equipped with the right equipment and amenities. These include comfortable seats, running water, shaving machines, disinfecting machines, razors, mirrors, dustbins, and spray bottles.

Body piercing business

The body piercing business is one that one can start in 2022. One needs to be skilled to start this business today. It is because of its delicate nature. People are embracing body piercings. After getting the body piercing skills, you need to do market research to know what people prefer and select your niche.

Perfume selling shop

Everybody wants to smell good. If you love smelling good, you can take this as a sign and start a perfume or fragrance selling business. There are different types of fragrances available in the market. Many companies produce perfumes, body mists, deodorants, antiperspirants, and body sprays. For your business, you can have a variety of fragrances. You should also conduct market research to know which type of fragrance people prefer at different times of the year.

Wedding Shop

Weddings are joyous occasions and people usually want to look their best. Starting a wedding shop is a good beauty business idea. One can sell many beauty products in a wedding shop. These can include wedding gowns, wedding shoes, jewelry, and wedding hair accessories. Before starting a wedding shop, do your market research and find a location for your shop.

For all the above beauty business ideas, have a business plan. It will help the business owner run smoothly. Get all the licenses and permits needed for your business. A beauty business owner should remember to give the beauty business a name. The beauty business name should be one that can easily be remembered and simple. Having a business name will help people know about your beauty business. A beauty business owner should market and advertise the business widely.