With so many social media platforms out there now, it is natural to wonder which one would be best for the purpose of advertising and promoting your business and expanding its customer base.  With the world having gone digital primarily even before it was infected with a global pandemic and almost entirely after the effects of that pandemic took place, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that you are missing out on a lot of traffic if you choose to not hop on the online advertising bandwagon. If you have also come to the same conclusion, the next question you’d arrive at would be regarding which one you should use for the purpose of showcasing and promoting your services.

Why Facebook?

Facebook may be the most obvious choice when the average user of all social media wants to decide which social media is best for his business, but why exactly is that so? There are a couple of reasons and we’ve laid down a rundown of the two primary ones down below:

Number Of Users

The most evident reason is the most compelling reason as well. Facebook has the highest number of users from all over the world. Among all the social media platforms, Facebook is dominating the scoreboard with a whopping 2.41 billion users that regularly consume content from the social media platform on a daily basis. With Facebook’s user base extending to global lengths, it makes the most sense to want to take advantage of their reach, as you’ll be able to target whichever audience you want to specifically.

Helpful Features For Promoting Your Page

Facebook’s reach is not the only thing impressive when it comes to considering it for advertising your business. Working with the massive amount of personal data they have access to, Facebook can target the audience you want to reach down to every detail such as their gender, age, likes, dislikes, purchasing behavior, financial status as well as taking into consideration whether they are in a relationship or not. The point is that you can get highly specific about who you want to reach, and Facebook will do the job of advertising your content to it.

The Downside

There is only one downside that those experienced with advertising their products and services with Facebook have reported and that is that this service that Facebook provides is quite expensive. But at the same time, they also reported it to be well worth it, because it helps them achieve what they want efficiently and quickly.

Final Words

Whether you have a business selling candles or you want to promote a cause, Facebook should be able to provide you with the appropriate tools to spread your message successfully with a tailored advertising program for you. Advertising and marketing your products, services or ideas on Facebook almost guarantees an increase in the viewers of your content. Facebook Messenger which is an extension of Facebook, although with a separate application, also has benefits like responding with automated messages to clients that message the page and more.