We all love a clean environment: whether at work or home. People nowadays are so busy and have no time to do proper cleaning at their homes. Some also do not like to clean and find this activity a stressful one.

If you have been considering starting up a commercial cleaning company then you are on the right path. There is a very high demand for cleaning services and even more so since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Provided you offer good services, you will always be in business. Do you want to start a cleaning company but are not sure how to do it? This article will provide you with some steps you can follow to get your commercial cleaning company running.

1: Have a business plan

It is the first step to start your commercial cleaning company. A business plan is an important document used for both the external and internal audiences of the company. Business plans give a brief description of the company’s activities, objectives, and how it will achieve them. A business plan should have the following:

  1. A summary: it should state the company’s missions and any information on the company’s leadership, employees, operations, and location
  2. The services offered: In this particular case, since it is a commercial cleaning company, you will be offering services. You can also include the prices and the benefits it will have to your customers.
  3. Financial planning: your company should include its financial planning and future projections. Include the financial statements, balance sheets, and any other financial information.
  4. Budget: A good company should have a budget. These are costs related to staffing, development, marketing, advertising, and any other expenses.

2: Get a Setting up a limited company and insurance

Once you have a business plan in place, you need to form a limited company. Starting a limited company is an easy process, even for non-UK residents. Do your research to know what you will need. Using  a formation agency is the best and simplest way to set up your company. You need some documents to register the business. Submit all the relevant documents and get your company registered .

Insurance is important. The fact that you might be offering cleaning services to commercial buildings you should get covered. When you have insurance, you are covered if any damages or injuries occur at work. One option you can consider is commercial property insurance. It insures your business’s assets, equipment, and supplies. You can also consider workers’ compensation. It covers any injuries employees get on the job and wage replacement.

Your insurance coverage does not have to be expensive. You can look for a broker who will give you cheaper rates. When your business grows, you can increase your insurance cover.

3: Get good cleaning equipment

Invest in good cleaning supplies. You will need to decide on the type of equipment you want to use. You will need materials such as

  1. Sponges
  2. Protective gloves
  3. Bleaches
  4. Disposable and reusable towels
  5. Brooms
  6. Mops
  7. Cleaning solutions
  8. Vacuum
  9. Bucket

Once you have identified the cleaning supplies you need, you can shop for them at a local store or online. In both, you can get good discounts on the products.

In addition, you can consider hiring some equipment before you expand your business.

Set aside funds for repairs of your equipment. Do not forget to invest in good uniforms for your business.

4: Have a brand name

Decide on the best name for your business. Remember, you are trying to create a brand. Look for a name that will attract people to your business. You can research online to find out the brand names already in use and avoid them to avoid legal issues. You can follow the following suggestions to register your brand name:

  1. Check online by using Seed Formations name checker. It will help you to know which company names already exist.
  2. Once you get a name that is not in use, register your company name. You will receive notifications using this address. Note that the address should be in the same country you registered your company another option is using a registered office address.
  3. State what your company does by assigning a standard industrial classification of economic activities code
  4. Appoint at least one director of the company. The director will be legally responsible for running the company. He or she will also ensure all the company’s accounts and reports are made.
  5. If you have a partnership, you should outline your proposed company’s share structure.

5: Have a website

A website will help you in building your commercial cleaning company. When people are looking for a cleaning company, they are often search on Google first be for anywhere else. When you have a website, it will be easier for potential clients to find you.

Make sure the website is attractive and is functional. If you are unable to make one, you can always use applications that assist you to make websites. You can also reach out to web designers and they will make you one at a price.

6: Open a business account

It is vital to separate your personal and business accounts. It will help you avoid using your funds for the business. Your assets will be protected. You can also request a separate card for your business. You will also get better interest rates when the credit card is in the business’s name.

7: Have cleaning rates

Now that you have almost everything in place, you need to decide on the rates you will charge people. Do your research and see what the standard price your competitors are offering is. Consider what the customer is also willing to pay and what you are offering. You can also give different options of payment like hourly, weekly, monthly, or on a contractual basis.

8: Create a social media account

This account will help you to advertise your business. With the different social media platforms, you should consider opening an account. All your potential customers are online. Having a social media account does not require any registration document.

Once you have created the account, start posting. You can start by posting at least once a day. Your business page should be as active as possible. Respond to messages or requests you get as soon as you can. 

While posting, use easy words that people can understand. Give a breakdown of your services in the posts. Be creative in your posts. Use well thought of and creative images to advertise your business.

9: Do some bookkeeping

Making a record of all your company’s financial transactions is important. Bookkeeping will help you make operating, investing, and financing decisions. You can hire a bookkeeper who will manage your company’s financial data. You also have the option of outsourcing a bookkeeper. 

Through bookkeeping, you will be able to measure your company’s performance.

10: Look for a target market

You should try to be unique. Who is your target market? Do you want to focus more on cleaning companies or homes? Knowing your target market will help you to decide on the products, prices, and type of services you will offer.

11: Start cleaning yourself

Your new company is not yet fully established. Before deciding to hire someone else to do the cleaning, you can do most of the work yourself. It will give you a better view of what the business is all about. By doing the work yourself, you will earn you a good reputation with your customers and some will even refer you to their friends. You are also in a better position to maintain control of your business image.

12: Market your cleaning company

Marketing can take many forms. You can do it by word of mouth. Talk to your family and friends about the cleaning services you are offering. They will tell their friends; within no time, you will have your business going.

Another way you can market your cleaning company is by running advertisements. You can make fliers and brochures that you can distribute to people within your neighborhood. You can even take them to offices if permitted to do so.

Another way of advertising is using your local paper or radio station if you have the funds.

13: Have good customer service

You need to be available to your customers. If a potential or an existing customer reaches out to you, respond as soon as possible. Send quotations when requested. Follow up with your customers.

Communicate to your customers in case of anything. You can use channels such as

  1. Telephone Calls
  2. Text messages
  3. Voice mails
  4. E-mails
  5. Social media pages
  6. Your business website

You can also ask your existing and potential customers what services they would like you to offer. Get to know areas where your company can improve. Listening to feedback and taking constructive criticism will help you better your brand. After your services, ask for testimonials and referrals.

14: Hire new staff

Once your commercial cleaning company has grown, you can hire more people to help you. You should train your new employees on how you work and the standards they should meet. Explain to them how the different equipment works. You can tell them what your daily cleaning regimes look like. They include but are not limited to

  1. Mopping floors
  2. Cleaning machines
  3. Wiping and cleaning grills
  4. Disinfecting waste disposal areas
  5. Cleaning windows

When hiring, you should look for people who have the following qualities

  1. Are at least knowledgeable with the cleaning work
  2. Have good attention to detail
  3. Are good organizers
  4. Are humble
  5. Have the will and stamina

These qualities will help one to deal with different customers and make the business a success. The new staff should share the same goals you have for the business.

15: Have a schedule

Once people know about your commercial cleaning company, orders will start trickling in. Planning is needed for you to be able to work on all these orders. Come up with a work schedule. As your customers make orders, they should select the most appropriate time and mark it in your calendar.

With a schedule in hand, you will be able to see when each client has booked. On your website, have the option of people choosing the specific day and time they want the cleaning to be done. You can also mark in your calendar the days that you are available or fully booked. Your schedule should range from daily cleaning, weekly cleaning to bi-weekly cleaning. Making a schedule will help you be more organized.

16: Set a starting date

After getting everything ready, it is now time to start your commercial cleaning company. Set a date and stick to it. You can decide to have a small company launch and offer some discounts to the first few customers. Remember, the more you procrastinate the more you will delay in starting your company. So start!

As a new company owner, you need to have qualities such as

  1. Confidence
  2. Be persistent
  3. Be budget conscious
  4. Be passionate
  5. Be goal-oriented

These qualities will help you in the running of your new company. Feel free to reach out to other established commercial cleaning company owners and get some advice from them. It will help boost your confidence in case you have any doubts.

Starting a commercial cleaning company can come with its challenges. Always look at the bigger picture. Think of the benefits and wins that you will achieve when you have started the company. Following the above steps will help you set up a successful commercial cleaning company.

If things do not go the way you want them to, do not give up! Do not be afraid to seek help and guidance from others. Make sure the services you are offering are world-class. Ask for referrals from your family, friends, existing and potential customers.