Recently, the UK government passed the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act, which is a significant step forward in combating financial misconduct. This legislation grants Companies House new powers to verify identities, closely examine company activities, and enforce accurate financial reporting. These measures are crucial in deterring economic crime and creating an environment where businesses can thrive with confidence.

Companies House operates on a cost recovery basis, implying that it doesn’t profit from the fees charged. Instead, these fees enable it to cover its operational costs.

As a result of these developments, Companies House has implemented fee increases which will come into effect as of the 1 May 2024.

Companies House Price Increases

The new fee structure, set to take effect from 1 May 2024.

Companies House Fees
(before 1 May 2024)(after 1 May 2024)
Old PriceDigital
Incorporation (Same-day)£30£78
Confirmation Statement£13£34
Change of Name£8£20
Closing Down Protection/Voluntary Strike Off£8£33
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Our Price Increases.

Inevitably we will also need to increase our package and filing prices which are affected by the Companies House fee changes. We have tried to ensure our package price increases are inline with the price changes and our aim to be priced as competitively as possible.

Companies Formed from 1 May 2024 onward will be subject to the price increase.

If you submit an order before the 1 May 2024 but the company is formed from the 1 May 2024 onward – unfortunately the new fees will become due.

Which of our Services and Packages will be affected?

  1. All incorporation packages
  2. Confirmation Statement Filings
  3. Companies Name Changes
  4. Company Dissolution/closing a company

Which of our Fees will be Unaffected?

  1. All our address service prices stay the same
  2. All our renewal prices stay the same – except for the Confirmation Statement service.

At first, the higher fees might seem overwhelming to businesses. But really, they show that the UK is serious about fighting economic crime and making companies more transparent. By making sure the register is accurate, we’re also protecting everyone who uses it.

We know these changes will be hard for businesses. But we also need to remember that they’re making our business world safer and more responsible. The new fees aren’t just more expenses – they’re an investment in keeping things fair and secure for everyone involved.

Seed Formations is here to help – please contact us if you are concerned about how these fees affect you or if you need more clarity.