What information is needed to Form a Company Limited by Guarantee

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A company limited by guarantee must be incorporated and registered with the Registrar of Companies at Companies House before it can start to trade. The information and documents required are as follows:

  • Details of the company’s chosen name.
  • Details of the company’s directors.
  • Details of Company Guarantors (name and address)
  • Details of the People with Significant Control (also known as PSC) over the company.
  • Registered office address where official communications can be sent, that will be publicly available on the Companies Register. This must be a physical address in the UK. 
  • A memorandum of association, which demonstrates the agreement of all the guarantors to the formation of the company. See an example on Companies House
  • Articles of association, which set out the rules about how the company will operate and the powers of the directors. Most companies use standard articles, known as model articles. See an example on Companies House
  • A statement of guarantee, which sets out the agreement of each guarantor to contribute to the debts of the company in the event that it is wound up.
  • A statement of compliance, which sets out the amount of the guarantee and the extent of the financial liability of each guarantor. The statement must be signed by each guarantor to indicate their agreement to provide the amount of money required under the guarantee, which is usually a nominal amount of £1.

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