UK Company Formations – What information you will need

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If you have decided to start a Company Limited by Shares in the UK, the company will need to be incorporated with Companies House before it can be legally accepted as a UK Company. UK Company Formation Applications are usually registered within 24 hours, but you need to ensure that you have provided correct information for a quick and successful Company Formation application. 

The information and documents that must be supplied when incorporating a company are as follows:

STEP 1: Choose your company’s name.

You should have an idea of what you would like your company name to be. You can check if your company name is available in the search box below. 

There are restrictions on the words you can use in a UK Company name, you read more about these restrictions here.

STEP 2: Company’s Directors details 

Every UK company needs to have at least one company director, who must be over 16 years old. Directors can be non-residents. Directors are responsible for the day to day running of a company and are appointed by the Shareholders. Learn more about the duties of a Director here.

  • Full name 
  • Residential Address 
  • Service Address 
  • And Date of Birth 

STEP 3: Make a Statement of Initial Significant Control 

The Statement of Significant Control is a statement that needs to be made by the person forming the company, declaring who has significant control over a UK Company. This could be control in the form of Voting Rights, Shares or powers to remove members of the board. 

STEP 4: Choose your UK Registered Office Address 

Your registered office address is where official communications can be sent. It needs to be a physical address in the UK or in the country that the company is being registered (for example a company registered in Scotland must have its registered address in Scotland too).

This address will be publicly available on the companies register. Seed Formations offers an affordable Registered Office Address solution which will help you keep your personal address off public records. You can purchase our UK Registered Office Address included in our Pine and Oak Company Formation Packages. 

STEP 5: Memorandum of Association 

A memorandum of association is the agreement between all the shareholders of a company (also known as the initial ‘subscribers’) to form a company.

If you do not have a prepared Memorandum of Association, we suggest you use our Generic Memorandum of Association, which will be available to select during our company formation application process. 

Or you can view an example of a Memorandum of Association here.

STEP 6: Your Articles of Association 

This a company document which sets out the rules of how the company will operate including the powers assigned to the directors. You can view a standard version of the Articles of Association here. If you need to customise your Articles of Association, we suggest you seek legal advice. 

During our Company Formation Application, we will offer you the chance to use the generic Articles of Association or upload your own customised Articles of Association.

STEP 7: Provide a Statement of Capital 

The Statement of Capital of a UK Company is the declaration of all shareholders (including their names, addresses) as well as details of their Shareholding (ie. type of shares help and number and value)

Learn more about the types of share classes available for UK Limited Companies. 

It’s important to have made some important decisions about the people who will run your company and the shareholders who own the company – as well as constitutional decisions about how the company will be run, before proceeding with your UK Company Formation. 

If you need help or guidance, get in touch with us, we’re happy to help you through your UK company formation process. 

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