UK Registered Office Address

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What is a UK Registered Office Address?

A registered office is the statutory address of a Limited Company. It is a mandatory requirement of forming a company in the UK. This address will be the official address of your UK Company and it will be publicly available on Companies House Register of Companies.

This address will be used by Government Bodies to contact you company such as Companies House, HMRC, ICO, Government Gateway, IPO and DWP. It is therefore very important that you are able to receive post on this address.

What are the restrictions?

  • Your company must be able to receive post at this address.
  • The address cannot be a P.O Box Address
  • If the company is registered under Scottish jurisdiction, the address must be a physical address in Scotland.
  • If the company is registered under the England and Wales jurisdiction, it must be a physical address in England or Wales.
  • A registered office must be a full physical address (not a PO Box Number) that is situated in the UK jurisdiction where a company or LLP is registered, which will be England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Can you change a it later?

Yes. You are able to update the registered office address of a company at anytime. It is important that you keep your company record up to date so you receive important mail from Government organisations and it is a legal requirement for you to.

If you are purchasing our UK Registered Office Address Service, we offer to update your company records with your new registered office address free of charge.

Is the Registered Office Address the same as a Director Service Address


A Director Service Address is a correspondence address for a Director. It is a mandatory requirement of a company formation, to provide this information. We do offer a Director Service Address which costs just £17.88 per year. However, the Registered Office Address cannot be used as a Director Service Address, you will need to purchase the Director Service Address product separately.

See more details on the Director Service Address

Can I receive Business Mail?


The registered office address service only covers the use of the address on Companies House as your company’s official address. It cannot be used for advertising or for any trade mail. If you would like to use our address as a business trading address, which will allow you to receive communication from customers, suppliers and partners plus you can use the address on your website, emails, letterheads, invoices etc. – you will need to purchase the Business Trading Address service. This service costs only £72 per year.

Learn more about the Business Trading address service>>

How our Registered Office Service Works

How will you receive your mail?

We will scan and email any Government-issued mail receive for your company, to your chosen email address.

What if you need your mail to be posted to you?

You can request to have your mail forward to an address in the UK or outside the UK for a small postage fee. The fee equals the standard royal mail fees + 12.5% handling charges.

You can check royal mail service fees here.

If you prefer to have your mail couriered to you, let us know and we will gladly assist.

Where do we store your mail?

We store your mail at our offices: 2 Frederick Street, London, WC1X 0ND

How long do we keep your mail for

We keep your mail for 6 months, during which time, you are able to collect your mail by contacting us to arrange a collection date and time.

Registered Office Address Renewals

You will automatically renew every 12 months at £24.99 per year. You can cancel or edit your renewals from your Online Company Manager dashboard.


Anti Money Laundering and ID Verification

Anybody using our Company Address Services will need to send us 1 proof of ID and 1 proof of Address for all directors in the company.

Learn more about what you need to send

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