Director Service Address FAQS

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During a company formation or at the admission of any new directors – Companies House require an address for all directors of a UK company and the partners of Limited Liability Partnerships. Any documents from Companies House or HMRC addressed to the Director will be sent to this address. You can use your residential address however, you must be aware that this address will be on public record.

This is why many Directors choose to use a Director Service Address to shield their personal addresses from the public.

What is the address?

The address is 2 Frederick Street, London, WC1X 0ND. An upmarket, central London location.

How much does it cost?

The Director Service Address costs just £17.88 per year and includes free scan and email of your mail.

What is the renewal fees

After your first year, the service will renew at £17.88 per year.

How can you buy a Director Service Address

  1. If you are forming a new company with Seed Formations

You can choose to add a Director Service Address on to your company formation while completing your incorporation online. OR choose from one of our affordable all-inclusive company formation packages. The Mighty Oak pacakage includes the use of our Director Service Address plus much more. View Package

2. If already have a company and need to change your Service Address

You can purchase our Director service address by

> Creating an account on our site

> Importing your company into our system (using just your company number and authentication code)

> Once your company is imported, you can visit your personalised ‘Shop’ area and simply add on the Director Service Address

> Once you purchase the address, the system will ask you which director you would like to assign this address to in your company

> Make your selection and this will all be updated at Companies House within a few hours

If you need assistance at any point, get in touch with us and we can help you over the phone.

How do you receive your Mail

All mail received will be Scanned and Emailed to your chosen email address. If you require the hardcopies of your mail, you simply need to let us know within 7 days of receiving your scanned copies and we will forward the mail to your chosen address.

Are there any additional Fees for Forwarding Mail

Scan and email is included in the Director Service Address product

However, should you require hardcopies of your mail, please note this will incur a small fee equating to Royal Mail postage charges + 12.5%

Can I use the address for all the directors in my company

Yes. But you will need to buy the address separately for each Company Director.

How long will you keep my mail for?

We will keep it for 6 months before it is destroyed.

Can I collect my mail?

Yes. Please contact us to arrange a collection time. Collections are free of charge.

What if I end my directorship or change directorship to a new company.

If you still have remaining days left on your Director Service Address product, you can still use the address for the new company.

Please contact us and we will update your records accordingly.

How to manage/cancel your renewal?

You can cancel or change your renewal details by logging into your Company Manager Dashboard and navigating to ‘Services’ area.

Alternatively, please call us on 02074382019 and we can help you manage your renewals.

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