Working remotely is a dream for many of us, waking up in the morning, still in our PJ’s, opening up the balcony door with your eyes half open looking out to the view of the ocean as the warmth of the bright amber sun shines onto your face, making you smile from ear to ear, while the smell of the ocean opens up your sinuses. Taking that deep breath in and out knowing that this view is your very own office for the day, hell you can even work in your PJ’s if you want to.


For some people they might find it challenging to know they are looking out at an amazing view, thinking that they are wasting their time sitting behind a laptop. So, finding that balance of work and play can be hard. I’m going to run through a few do’s and don’ts which I have learned while working remotely from my laptop for the past couple of weeks.


WIFI, now this is your best friend unless you can work offline, the most important part about working remotely is If you have started your own limited company and you rely solely on the internet to run your business, for example, an e-commerce store or a blog site. Then I found the best thing before you book your Airbnb or hotel, is to read reviews from the previous guest who have stayed at the place. If you don’t find any information in regards to the property then don’t be afraid to call or email the hotel or host to find out how fast and reliable the internet connection is. I experienced some terrible internet connect in Positano Italy, especially when you have 5 people trying to work off the same connection, I found it a good idea to hotspot off my mobile phone as this was just as good, even at times faster and a more stable connection, make sure that you check with your mobile phone provider in regards to roaming and data usage. It may be worth even adding on a data package for the time away.



I find it very challenging to stop myself working even during lunchtime, I usually eat and work on the go in or out of the office. If you’re in a place like Positano, Italy, why not go down the 1000 stairs and grab yourself a panini or gelati for an hour, have a look around town, stretch out your legs, not only is this good for your health it is also a great way to explore a place on your lunch break. Even better have a dip in the ocean. But try keeping your daily routine, like you would when you are going into the office. If you want to do an activity during one of your workdays for example take a boat trip to Capri then try waking up earlier and working, or add a few more extra hours into your work during your downtime to make up for the hours you lost.


This is also another important thing to consider. Flying to and from a destination, I found at times would cut into my workday, having to reschedule meetings, or even taking calls while in the taxi. Having to work from the airport coffee shop on arrival is always great fun while paying for overpriced coffee just to sit somewhere. Taking the morning 6am fight can be a daunting task, to begin with, but it does allow you to work within your morning schedule, also take into consideration the different time zones, gaining an hour helps at times. Traveling by train is a great way to travel from place to place as it allows you time to work from your laptop.


Working remotely may have its perks but no monitor or desk can be a bit frustrating especially if you are using spreadsheets all day. I bring a few small and easy to carry things around with me that will make it more comfortable to work from anywhere. The first thing I bring along with me is a UBS C dongle adapter, my Dell XPS13 has only 2 USB C ports and no HDMI or USB 3.0 so this is the first thing I pack in my bag along with my HDMI cord and power plug convertor for the region I will be based in. Next, I bring along my portable Bluetooth mouse, compact and small it makes my life a lot easier, rather than using a trackpad. I also can’t go without my Bose 700 Noise-cancellation headphones, nothing worse than trying to zone into work, and all you hear is unwanted noise.




Some may find focusing hard, others may find it easy, it all depends on the individual. Working remotely is something many of us wish to do. COVID-19 has hit 2020 hard, many people taking new steps in their career. So, if you are planning to start your own company and work remotely then I think now is the best time to do so. Look up and Follow all the government laws and regulations before you decide on a place to travel to.