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What Is A Registered Office?

A registered office refers to the official address of any business corporation, association or authorized entity. The address of registered offices is a part of legal documentation and is drafted in a company’s public records. Organizations in most countries are legally required to register an official address. In the UK, the registered office does not have to be the address where the company operates its core business activities from, it can be a one-room office used for correspondence with the government, private institutions or the public.


Requirements Of A Registered Office

As the primary function of a registered office is to provide the government and other entities with a location for correspondence, all registered offices need to be prepared to receive all sorts of documents. Which means that the company must employ individuals that need to be present, at the address of the registered office, to sign and receive all notices and documents addressed to the company. The registered address is not just a mere location that appears on public records, it must be a part of a company’s letterhead. Therefore, the registered office will be mentioned on all business letters, emails, invoices, forms, brochures, website and even office equipment such as stationery. The Companies House requires businesses to display their name outside their registered offices, which helps individuals or teams to identify and locate it with ease. All these requirements are met for companies to comply with the Companies House, which is the UK’s official registrar for all public and private businesses.


Benefits Of A Registered Office For Your Business

Whether you work from home, own a small business corporation, a large-scale business association, or are an individual operating their business from outside the UK, having a registered office is always beneficial. Registered offices provide companies with a reliable channel of communication with all entities, from the general public to the government. It is reliable in the sense that all notices will be delivered on time which allows the company to reply or react timely. Registered offices put companies on the map by boosting the value of every corporation’s image, no matter the size. Superior corporate image of a company leads to more business as it improves the impression of the company, leading to building trust between the company and its customers. This is especially beneficial for those who work from home as building trust in customers is particularly harder.


The smarter move for any company is to register its official address quickly after the company’s formation. Most company’s get this compliance acts out of the way so that they may be able to focus on core business activities. The best option for a company is to employ an entity known as Seeds Formations to handle this activity for them, as it can be time-consuming and can take focus away from more important activities during a company’s formation. If a company wants to change its registered address afterwards, they will have to pay a fee of fifty-five pounds, which is why an activity like this is always better handled by Seeds Formation; a sustainable company whose purpose is to provide support during a new company’s formation.


Registered Office Service - £1.99pm

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