COVID 19, a global pandemic that has taken over all of our lives. To this day, COVID 19 is still considered to be a threat to the health of the general public. This state of emergency is still being monitored extremely closely by the authorities of most countries, and precautions are being taken accordingly. In a chaotic time like this, it is important to ensure that you are as informed as can be, especially when it comes to business trips for your company . Here is all the relevant information on when you can fly for business, details on the airports, and more. 


The World Health Organization has encouraged all those travellers, who might be experiencing any symptoms that are similar to acute respiratory illnesses, to seek medical assistance. However, it is recommended for all passengers to get themselves medically checked beforehand. They also encourage these travellers to share their travel history. This travel history is to be shared with the traveller’s healthcare worker.

United Kingdom

All British nationals who want to travel for any non-essential business are advised against travelling for at least thirty days. Every passenger who is travelling to the United Kingdom is required to stay in self-isolation for fourteen days. A time span which is unified throughout all countries with similar guidelines. These travellers will be called to verify their compliance with this guideline. Once you land, you must provide the relevant UK authorities with their travel information as well as their contact information. Those who fail to comply with these guidelines will be subject to some possibly heavy fines. 

London Airports

Each airport in London differs in terms of their arrival timings, departure timings, their terminals, and more. Each London airport might also have cancelled flights, which is why it is important to stay updated.

London Heathrow Airport

The only terminals that are functioning in this airport are terminals two and five. The arrival and departure timings might also change, which is why all business travellers are suggested to double-check their timings before they leave for the airport. On arrival, it is not essential for business travellers to reach earlier than their flight. However, for European flights, you should arrive two hours early.

London Gatwick Airport

The only functional terminal in this airport is the south terminal. It is also important that there are many flights that are getting cancelled. 

London Luton Airport

This airport is only available for military flights, medical flights, general aviation, and more. 

London Stansted Airport

This airport is specifically functioning for the purpose of catering to those travellers who are travelling for essential reasons. Those who plan on using this airport are advised to wear masks as well as gloves. Although, gloves and masks are provided to those passengers who are travelling during the early stages of the pilot.

All of this information indicates that those passengers who are travelling for business reasons can fly at any time. Of course, provided that you follow the predetermined guidelines that have been set by the United Kingdom.