We are doing many things that have been damaging to the environment. Even restaurants create so much waste daily. However, the food industry is still one of the top booming industries in the U.K.

With a restaurant on every corner, it is difficult to create sustainable practices. Although, many restaurants are now considering the environment by making their take away more sustainable. Here are many ways how.

#1. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Food packaging creates the most waste. People order food every day and disposable packagings such as plastic containers and utensils are ruining the environment. That is why restaurants are switching to sustainable packaging.

Many have now switched to provide recyclable and biodegradable food packaging and utensils for take away so that waste is not created. After all, single-use plastic is harming the environment at a much faster rate than any other thing.

#2. Bring Your Own Containers

While this is not an option for UberEATS, it is an option to take away. A few restaurants have started the policy of bringing your own container to take away. That means you have to bring a container from home and the restaurant will provide you with food in it.

That is perhaps one of the best ways for restaurants to reduce their carbon footprint. They are not buying any packaging which means all utensils and equipment are made of materials that will last for decades. Only a handful of restaurants have started this but many others are following.

#3. Limited Takeout Menus

Food waste is one of the biggest problems of our time. Did you know that restaurants produce twenty-two to thirty-three billion pounds of food waste annually? That is why many restaurants are switching to a limited takeout and Ubereats menu.

That way people will have limited options to choose from, and it will lead to less food waste. It is a small step but when a restaurant caters to so many orders in one day, it is a step that creates a significant difference.

#4. Asking Before Assuming

Not everyone uses every utensil that the restaurant provides with their takeaway. Many people end up throwing these utensils and this leads to additional waste. That is why many restaurants have now adopted the policy of asking before assuming.

The policy means that when you are out for takeaway, the restaurant will ask you which utensils you need, and how many. Doing so means that no one will have unnecessary utensils that they might have to throw away. This means less single-use plastic waste.

Final Words

These are the many ways that restaurants are adopting to create sustainability and less waste when it comes to Ubereats and takeaway. While not everyone is doing this, these are small changes that lead to a significant difference.

You can also do your part by ordering from restaurants that are adopting such practices. After all, we all need to contribute to making our planet better.