The recent years has seen an increase in the number of people turning to nonalcoholic beers. This is because some people want to move away from alcohol while others find nonalcoholic beers more flavorful than the traditional beer.

Although some might argue that this trend is a result of less drinking due to youth drinking culture and a lower percentage of alcoholics in society, the rise of non-alcoholic beers is also related to the legal loopholes that have been created in recent years. Nonalcoholic beer can be served at many pubs and bars without getting a license from the government. This means that these places can serve drinks with alcohol content as low as 0.5%.

As the trend of nonalcoholic beers is increasing, it is high time to take the opportunity to start a business that sells nonalcoholic beers. If you are looking to start a business that sells nonalcoholic beer then you should definitely for the following five brands. These nonalcoholic beers are some of the most popular beers in the UK.


Freestar is a beloved nonalcoholic beer brand in the UK. The company, is proud of its long-standing reputation for producing affordable beer. The company has made many changes to their processes in order to keep costs down and help the brand maintain its identity. One change was shifting from using plastic bottles to cans.

Infinite Session Pale

Pale has been one of the most popular beers in the UK and the United States. Infinite Session Pale has all of the flavor and taste that you would expect from a high quality beer without any alcohol. Pale’s main attraction is its light flavor and easy drinkability. When it comes to taste, this is one of the most loved nonalcoholic beers in the UK.

Binary Botanical

The Binary Botanical Non-Alcoholic Beer was created by the “brewing bot” to help individuals abstain from alcohol while enjoying a refreshing beverage. It is a non-alcoholic beer that tastes like wine. It is a bit expensive than other non-alcoholic beers in the market.

Beck’s Blue

Becks has been known to produce some of the best beers in the world. However if you are someone who is trying to move away from alcoholic beer while enjoying the same taste of traditional beer then Beck’s blue is the way to go. Becks has launched Beck’s Blue in the wake of increasing trend of nonalcoholic beer. It has an amazing taste with zero percent alcohol.

BrewDog Punk AF

BrewDog is a Scottish-based craft beer company which started out with just one beer in 2007. They now have over 60 beers on their menu and continue to release new brews. BrewDog is known for their creative, sometimes controversial, marketing campaigns. The most notable of which is the Punk AF campaign which has won them widespread acclaim and won them legions of fans from across the world. Punk AF Non Alcoholic beer was launched in response to the growing market for low-alcohol alcohol alternatives that can be consumed by those who are either teetotalers or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as well as other medical reasons which stop you from consuming alcohol.