Wondering how to form a company? Well, even if you can’t physically do it, you can do it digitally. Fiverr has taken their game to the next level. Apart from selling gigs, you can start a business from scratch or expand on your already existing business.

What is Fiverr?

It is a marketplace for both buyers and sellers of gigs. There are many categories and services you can choose to provide and buyers can also search for various services they are looking for.

It is mainly for freelancers but small business or mid-sized businesses can now work with their teams on Fiverr with the introduction of business tools. If you are just starting in the business world or are looking to expand, here is how you can use Fiverr for your business.

Set up Fiverr Business Tools

When you are doing this, Fiverr will ask you to enter information. This information will be related to your company and its goals. To utilize this you need to be registered on Fiverr.

You will also be asked about how many people you are employing at your workplace and what industry or sector you belong to. This information is needed to enhance the experience of both buyers and sellers in the marketplace.

Adding team members

After you have set up the business tools and put relevant information, you need to add team members. This feature is helpful in the division of work and projects so business owners can divide work with more efficiency.

You can add and remove team members as you like.


With this tool, you will have all your orders in one place. Your completed, delivered and in-progress orders will all be showing under this tab.

Benefits of starting a business on Fiverr

You don’t need to invest in a website

The whole purpose of a website is to attract customers, and since you are already in a marketplace where you are visible to buyers there is no need for a website. Your Fiverr profile will let potential buyers know of your skills and your price.

No advertisement cost

Buyers come to this platform intending to find experienced sellers. Fiverr already has a name and reputation and you don’t need to pay for ad costs anymore as Fiverr is doing the work of driving traffic for you.

Everything you earn is a profit

Everything is digital, there are no hidden costs and whatever you earn through gigs is your profit (after Fiverr has taken 20% of their share).

Bottom line

Company formation is not an easy task but with Seed Formations it has become much more convenient and simple. All you need to do is visit the website and enter information.

After that, you can price your gigs and start making money. Many people use this platform to scale their business and it has helped many people earn a steady income from the comfort of their home. If you want to thrive in the digital marketplace.

Starting selling on FIVERR