With every passing year, we humans are contributing to harm the environment in one way or the other, whether intentionally or unintentionally. We tend to produce biodegradable products knowing the harm that non-recyclable products can cause.

We must maintain the sustainability of the environment and eliminate all elements that cause damage. Or if not completely eradicate, then we must try to reduce them so that we can minimise the harmful effects produced.

Currently, we see that companies must discourage plastic products such as bags and straws from the workplace. These plastic products do more harm than good as they get accumulated in seas and oceans killing marine life. Also, they are less likely to be recycled. There are ways to reduce these plastic bags and straws at workplaces.

Alternatives to Plastic:

We need to consider ecological health before taking the initiative. Through avoidance of products and materials that can result in severe damage to the environment. Plastic is responsible for increasing a significant percentage of damage to the environment.

At workplaces, people should consider other materials which they can use as substitutes for plastic. Instead of plastic bags, one should consider using bags composed of paper or seeds. These bags are biodegradable and used over and over again.

You do not need to go through the negative consequences of using plastic products once you opt for this alternative. Paper can be recycled and does not provide harm to seas and oceans. Also, instead of straws and plastic bottles, the staff working in the office can make use of glasses and water coolers, which reduces the need for having plastic bottles whenever you want to have water.

Encouraging the Workers:

Companies should go for approaches systematically. Once they announce to minimise the use of plastics as bags and straws in their given workplace, they should plan to motivate their workers to follow the command. What they can do is place rewards and incentives for the workers who follow the rules of the company to a greater extent.

A company cannot run unless backed up by the support of its workers. The workplace must set its criteria according to the interests of the workers but so that they could influence their thoughts, which is mainly for the ones who are fond of using plastic products. The people employed in an office are concerned with getting appreciation from their seniors.

The use of plastic must be discouraged, and the primary focus must be on using reusable items so that not much gets into waste. We can organise campaigns and conferences to spread awareness related to this significant issue.

In Conclusion

If we plan to make our environment sustainable, it will be beneficial for us and our upcoming generations only. Seed formations, a company in the UK, too works on the principle of providing a sustainable business. It aims to make a trade or company long-lasting by adhering the criteria of a healthy environment. Also, it benefits the environment by planting trees for each of the companies built on their site.