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Thinking about entering the business world? You’re not alone! There are almost 6 million SMEs operating in the UK right now — with over 600K joining every year! And there’s a good reason why the UK is a preferred place to start a business for many entrepreneurs from around the globe.

However, the more alarming fact to consider is that almost 60% of such small businesses usually fail within their first two years. Indeed, considering millions of businesses being operated in the UK, successfully, it is wrong to assume that achieving success in Britain is nearly impossible.

Still, the question is; why do 60% business crumble in the first place?

Well, many factors contribute to this adversity including:

  • Misunderstanding the market or product
  • Poor management
  • Stretched tight budgets etc.

So how can you be sure that the business you plan to invest in has the ability to overcome these factors.

We’ve got the answer for you!

The Booming Landscape of Digital Services

No doubt we are living in a digital era. The four biggest organizations which dominate the business landscape are Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google — netting way more money than biggest suppliers of gas and oil.

The consumer market in the UK is obsessed with the internet and computers. From social media to smartphones, one just cannot get enough. This indicates that the UK market holds a huge demand for all digital services.

The digital industry is the place where small businesses can easily secure a profitable and sustainable future. But instead of following their business model, shoot for the stars and go with business-to-business solutions. The digital platform is currently the money-making goldmine for all companies.

Now we don’t suggest you aim for becoming the next Amazon but if that is your dream then you better go with more robust and better digital solutions. Go with secure opportunities that can drive long-term stability for your business.

Currently, everyone from massive global retailers to local stores is taking advantage of the digital landscape to increase their profits. This may include social promotions, ads, custom software and applications etc.

With that, it is also important to consider that the consumer market is highly competitive. Thus, becoming instantly successful can be a lot more challenging than you think. For this reason, many upstarts, seeking company formation in the UK, now branch out to digital specialists for assistance.

After all, a successful business requires a good start. Following the same strategy digital marketing industry progresses by around 6% every year and the software development services also capitalize on the similar projections. So, before you step into the UK’s business map, be prepared and be ready for what comes next!

Good Luck!

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