Who would’ve thought that we will experience a pandemic which will change our lives forever? The landscape of work, travelling, and our daily activities have transformed entirely. However, many people wonder if offices will be virtual in the post-COVID-19 world.

If you are wondering the same thing, keep reading to find out.

How COVID-19 Changed The Office

Work shifted remotely as soon as the pandemic hit. It has been a year now, but more than 21% of adult employees are still working from home. That is because there is a risk of the virus spreading, and not everyone is willing to take that risk.

Most workers are now operating from home, and only those required to work from the office are going. The pandemic has challenged the traditional workspace, and employers think a virtual office is the best way forward.

How Remote Work Changed Productivity

Pre-pandemic employers thought that the office was vital to the productivity of employees. That is why many companies fought for prime office space in the major urban centres around the world. They made the office a haven for employees so they could be productive.

However, estimates have suggested that more than 60% of American employees worked from home during the pandemic. Before the pandemic, only 25% of people worked from home. Since last year, the results have been phenomenal as technology has allowed people to work effectively from home.

According to research by McKinsey:

  • 80% of people reported they enjoy working from home
  • 41% reported they are more productive when working remotely
  • 28% reported they are just as productive as the office

People are enjoying this change because they don’t have to commute long hours and their work has become flexible. Everyone can balance out their work and personal life more effectively due to this change.

On the other hand, employers feel that they can now access a larger pool of talent with fewer geographical constraints because of this change. It will allow them to boost productivity and maintain their culture while lowering office-related costs.

Why Offices Will Still Remain Open Post-Pandemic

Not everyone likes this change, and many organizations will reopen once the pandemic is over. Of course, there will be new policies in place, such as wearing masks and social distancing, but work will continue. However, the attitudes towards the traditional workplace will keep evolving post-pandemic.

People like having water-cooling conversations and being part of a group. After all, human connection is what keeps us going and adds more meaning to our days. That is why there won’t be a drastic shift towards remote working now, as people are also craving connection and contact more than ever now.

Final Words

A virtual office is a way forward, but it will not happen anytime soon as it needs a complete structural change within organizations. We still have many decades left before everything becomes virtual. If you are looking for company formations agents UK to start your business, look no further.

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