Due to the coronavirus pandemic that hit the whole world in 2020, there was an increase in the motorhome business. Many hotels and parks were closed down. Many still wanted to go for their vacations and road trips. This led to the increase in many preferring to have their vacations using motorhome vehicles or recreational vehicles as commonly known. Those who had campervans made a profit out of hiring their vans.

If you are looking into starting your own motorhome business, then do it now. This business has many returns because of its increased popularity. If you do not have a motorhome to rent out, you can buy a recreational vehicle and make the necessary changes to it. Do you want to start a motorhome business? This article will help you with the necessary tips on how to start your motorhome business.

Plan your business

A business plan is a document that shows what your business is about, the activities you will carry out, the business’s objectives, and how it will achieve its goals. A business plan should contain the following:

  • A summary: this will tell people a short description of your business. In your summary, include the mission statement of your business, leadership information. Employees in the company and location of the company.
  • The services you will offer to your clients. In this case, you will offer rental car services. You should also include the prices of the services and the benefits of your service or products.
  • Your business plan should have your budget stated. The budget will include costs like marketing costs, manufacturing costs, and repair costs. Any expenses that the business will use should be included in the business plan.
  • Marketing: you need to state your business plan your marketing strategies. How will your potential customers know of your new business? Which marketing and advertising methods will you use? All of these need to be on your business plan.
  • Financial plan. You should have a financial plan for your business. You should also include your financial statements like the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement. This will help people to know your financial status.

Pay your taxes and get licenses

As you plan to start your motorhome business, make sure you register your taxes and get your licenses. This will help you to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. Register for your taxes. You can reach out to your local government to find out which type of license and tax you need to have and pay before your start your business.

Remember, if you do not have your licenses, your government might end up asking you to pay some fines.

Once you have all your taxes, licenses, and permits, you are almost ready to start your recreational vehicle business.

Get a motorhome or recreational vehicle

Now that you want to start a motorhome business, you will need to get a motorhome. If you had a recreational vehicle, your initial startup costs will be lesser.

If you do not have a recreational vehicle, the cost might be a bit higher because of purchasing a motorhome. You do not need to buy a new motorhome. You can get a secondhand one if your budget is a bit tight. If you are buying a second-hand vehicle, try to ask for a bargain.

Buying a new motorhome is however better because you will be the first user. You will spend close to zero money on doing repairs.

Prepare your motorhome

Remember, this will be someone’s home for some time. It should feel like a real house. Make it user-friendly.

If you got a second-hand motorhome, chances are that it had some amenities. If it did, it will be easier for you to do some renovations. Make sure the recreational vehicle is thoroughly cleaned. If you can, hire professional cleaners to do the cleaning.

A brand new motorhome will require a lot of work. This is because you will need to have some things installed. You will decorate your recreational car to your liking. There are however some things that should have in your motorhome. They include

  1. Drinking hose
  2. Surge Protector
  3. Sewer hose and sewer connector
  4. Generator
  5. Air Compressor
  6. Showerhead
  7. Mattress
  8. Tire pressure gage
  9. Laundry bag
  10. Instant pot
  11. Coffee maker
  12. Kitchen knives
  13. Grill
  14. Folding table
  15. Chairs
  16. Paper plates
  17. Hand soap
  18. Cleaning supplies

You will need these and more in your recreational vehicle. You can add as many things as you want.

Have a business account

As a business owner, you should separate your business account from your accounts. Having a business account will protect your assets.

You should visit your institution of choice and ask them to open an account for you. Once the account is opened, channel all the business monies to the account. Your potential clients should pay to channel their payments to the business account. If your business needs any money, it should get it from the business account.

You should also ask for a business credit card. Having a credit card with the business name will make you get better interest rates at the bank. You will also be eligible for higher credit and you will get other cheaper services from the bank.

Research on your competitors

Having competition is good. You can learn a lot from your competitors. You should do some research and find out what your competitors do. If your competitor offers this service, try to offer another service that he or she does not offer. You can also offer different services that none of your competitors is giving.

You should also know how much they charge for their services. This will help you to know the market price range and can give you an idea of what you should charge your potential customers.

Research on the methods your competitors are using to market their services. If your competitor has many positive reviews, you can follow them on their social media accounts to find out what they are doing differently.

You can also network with your competitors. Talking directly to them will help you learn a lot. Most business owners are willing to help new or starting business owners. You will be surprised by the advice your competitors will give you. Your competitors might also refer you to the best mechanics, essential shops, and much more.

You might get competitors who will refer you to some of their clients. Do not be afraid to speak up to your competitors.

Know your potential customers

You should know your target audience for your motorhome business. Do you want to hire out your motorhome to a couple or a family? Different types of motorhomes suit different people. If you are targeting solo travelers and couples, then you can choose to hire out your campervan. Motorhomes are more suitable for families and a group of friends.

Once you have target customers in mind, you will make your campervan or motor home to their preference. This is because depending on the size and preference of the customers, the vehicle will change.

Have a suitable pick-up location

Your customers need to pick up the motorhome from your place and return it after they use it. Make sure the location you choose is favorable and easily accessible to your customers. You should also consider your competitors’ location. Choose a location that does not have many competitors.

You do not need to have a big garage or space to start your motorhome business. You can start your business from your home. You just need a space where you will be able to store your vehicle. Once your business picks, you can expand your location and storage facilities.

Booking Options

You are a new business owner. If you have just one motorhome, then you should create a schedule. This will make work easier for you. Once you create a schedule, you can share it with both your current and potential customers. With the schedule, your customers will be able to book in advance if they want to use your motorhome.

Have a name for your business and create a brand

Naming your business will be to your advantage. Many people will get to know your business if it has a name to it. Make sure you look for a name for your business. The name you choose should be easy to pronounce and short. This will make your customers remember your brand.

Create a website

Having a website will help you to market your motorhome business. You can make a website for yourself. If you are unable to, ask someone who can create one to do it. You can also use the sites such as fiverr to create a website.

Your website should have a description of your business. It should also have clear-quality pictures of your recreational vehicle. You should include on your website the price you charge for your motorhomes and campervan if you have them. You should also include your contacts and addresses. This way,  your potential customers will be able to reach you easily.

Have a price list

Before you decide on your prices, conduct some research. Find out what other people who are running the same business like yours are charging others. This will help you to know the range you can charge for your services. Do not be quick to offer the cheapest services.

Do your cost calculation. How much do you use to maintain your recreational vehicle? How much are the essentials you use in your motorhome? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before setting up prices. Remember, your motorhome business should bring you profits and not losses.

Once you have established your prices, you can also give your customers the payment methods they can use while paying for your services. You can choose from many options. You can make ask your clients to either pay using their credit cards or by cash.

Market your motorhome business

You need to market widely your motorhome business. You will get customers this way. You can first start by telling your family and friends about your new business. They might be your first customers. Encourage them to spread the word to others.

Using social media. This is one way you can market your motorhome business. You can open up a page on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Here, tell people about the services you are offering. Make sure you take clear pictures of your recreational vehicle and post them regularly. Be active in advertising your business.

Another way you can market and advertise your business is by using your local newspaper. You can reach out to your local newspaper and at a small fee, ask them to print out an advertisement. Many people who read the newspaper, will come across your business and might contact you.

You can also make advertisements using your local radio or TV stations. Many people watch and listen to these sources of media. Your business will be quickly known.

You can print brochures and posters. In them, write about your services and if possible put a picture so that people can see what you use to offer your services. The brochures and posters can be distributed to people’s addresses. You can also distribute them to people at the shopping malls.


Starting a motorhome business is a good idea. With the right steps, you will be able to start and grow your business. Before you start your business, get the necessary documents, licenses and pay your taxes. This will help you to stay on the good side of the law. You should also get a recreational vehicle for your business. Make sure your motorhome has all the necessary amenities so that your customers will be comfortable. After all is done, market your services, this is the only way people will know if your business exists.