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Here is a Check-list to form a company online.

Online company formation company

Look for an Online Company registration website. The best web to register a company is Seed Formations. The fastest web to register a company or business is also Seed Formations.

Register company name

There is always a search bar where you can search business names or company name to see if the names for the business you like are available. Just type the business name and follow instructions. What to do if a business name is not available? the best option is changing the position of the words, try with plurals or ad -.

Names such us British, London, Dental, may need permission from the authorities. How to use names for the company without having permission, well don’t put the taboo word in the first place.

Ltd or Limited

What is better limited or ltd? Ltd means limited, is just the short way to say limited, if you want to learn more about the limited company, register a limited company, limited company registration,

Buy domain

When the chosen company name is available, you will become a list of different domains, like ‘’ , ‘.com’ , ‘.org’ choose this according to your needs. You can buy a domain per month or buy a domain per year. In seed formation, you will find cheap and easy domains for new companies and all information regarding ‘how-to but a domain’.

Company registration

Seed Formations has the best offer company formation package, just choose one of the many online company formation packages, and follow instructions. If you choose Seed Formations to set up a company you will form a company in 1 day, and we also offer the most competitive packages, all included package to form a company!

What is included

What is needed to start a company, well these are the main services needed to form a company, don’t cut in costs of the company formation, to save money will set up a company there are many cashback services that will cover your expenses, but this must-have services for company registration:

  • Customer Support
  • Access to Business Apps
  • E-Certificate of Incorporation
  • E-Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • E-Shareholder Certificates
  • Companies House Filing Fee
  • Consultation with an Accountant
  • Barclays Business Account (optional)
  • Official Printed Certificate of Incorporation
  • Official Printed Shareholder Certificates
  • Official Printed Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • E-Company Register
  • Bound Company Register
  • First Board Meeting Minutes
  • Confirmation Statement
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We are happy to confirm that we are continuing to form companies online without disruption.

Read the latest Covid-19 updates for our customers and all small businesses.

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