There is a massive issue of food wastage happening all around the world. Entrepreneurs starting a company in the restaurant industry without really taking account of the negative side effects on the world. The amount of food wasted in data and multiplied exponentially. 

Luckily, there are a few food waste companies that are trying their best to cut down on this situation. With effective strategies in place, these food wastes companies make a difference one step at a time. Starting from a local level and then moving on to a more global impact, these food waste companies surely have more opportunities in store for them. 

Rubbies In The Rubble

One of the leading food waste companies in the sauces segment is Rubbies In The Rubble. It is giving many popular brands a difficult time with the high-quality sauces that it is offering. When it comes to the taste, there is no denying that they’re amazing. 

So, how are the help when it comes to food waste? Well, the business avails ingredients that are sustainably-sourced and in surplus. They have changed the condiment segment by introducing unique elements, such as their banana ketchup. 

Misfit Foods

Another one of the prominently know food waste company is Misfit Foods. Its previous name was Misfit Juicery which many people might know it as. Their means of stopping or reducing food wastage is by taking fruits and vegetables that deemed “ugly” to consume and creating delicious juices out of them. 

Supermarkets are known to dump about 40 per cent of their produce because they have overbought or the produce spoiled over time. To eliminate these possibilities, Misfit Foods tries to get hold of all of these overbought and cosmetically unattractive foods and turn them into juices that will not go to waste. 

Dash Water

While many food waste companies completely transform the produce into a completely different item, Dash Water is doing something different. It infuses the rejected fruits and vegetables into sparkling water. This turns it into an instantly attractive drink. 

The best thing about these is that they offer completely recyclable cans as well. So, it is not just the drink that allows for a much more sustainable form of living, but the packaging also incorporates the same sentiments for the business. 


When it comes to the processing of beer, a lot of grain is wasted on the side. ReGrained is here to upcycle these grains and turn them into delicious protein bars for people to consume. Healthy and reduces the wastage of food. 

According to the statistics, ReGrained has managed to upcycle about 48,841 pounds of this grain that they refer to as the supergrain+. The start-up has come a long way and is surely making its way to global territories, making a much larger impact. 

The need for food waste companies is essential. More and more businesses are trying to implement plans that will offer something more sustainable to the world.