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Are you a newbie in the business world and finding ways how to manage your company expenses efficiently? There are times when you need to travel abroad for your business. The world has become technologically advanced and every business transaction can be conveniently performed online. All the important meetings are conducted through online forums, however, still, you need to visit different countries or cities to make sure of your physical presence and to expand your business through this. That is when the expense for business travel, especially in a limited company face challenges. We are unaware of the fact that claiming tax for business travel can be unmanageable for new startups.

You need to find out ways in which you can be savvy with your business expenses. For the tax efficiency of your business and to keep up with that you need to make sure that you claim all the business-related expenses. Once you have claimed the tax for the limited company you are not required to be a single cent rather than the tax that is required to be paid. Similar is the case with all the business travel expenses in the UK. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss how you can claim tax for business travel.

Rules for Claiming Tax for Business Travel:

Before claiming any business-related tax you need to make sure to know the rules of it. These rules are applied all around the world and are as follows:

  • As per the house rules of the HMRC, claiming business expenses should be wholly and exclusively for the business purpose and not any other personal purpose.
  • Make sure you have the receipt, the proof of purchase. This is a worldwide rule. Even if you are using a taxi to travel make sure you ask for the receipt.
  • The HMRC tax policies are strict and that is why the taxman never gets a break. Even if you are on your business trip, you cannot make this a personal trip.

Business Trips are Not for Leisure:

As discussed above, one thing to always keep in mind that no business trip is to be considered as a personal trip. Even if the business is a public limited company and the registration has done through company formations in  UK, you need to make sure not to break the rules. The HMRC policies are clear and strict even if you plan to shut down your laptop to open up your leisure time.

Make Sure to Keep Your Receipt:

The moment you have reached your destination for the business you are all ready to follow the HMRC policies. Foreign expenses can be treated the same as the domestic expenses, but you need to make sure that you have the receipt with you to claim on it. The taxman usually has the rate list of every country, this makes your life simple as you can also claim through this if you have lost your receipt. Do not consider the rates in the rate list as allowances.

These policies for business travel are also applied in the UK. Therefore if you are planning to form a company UK then make sure to consider the tax claiming policies for business travel.

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