Your name is the most significant part of your personality. It is much more than just a word; it is your basic identity and tells people who you are. The same goes for businesses. If you are running a business then you should know that the name of your business is going to be much more than just a name. In many cases the success and failure of your business may even depend on the name. So choosing the right business name is very important.

Let’s take a look at few ways you can choose the perfect name for your business.

Don’t Go For Difficult Names

Think of an easy name like Google, Ford or General Electric. Simple and easy to pronounce names can do wonders for your business. A difficult name may make your business stand out but it wouldn’t be for the reason you want. You want people to talk about your business products, service and quality; not about how difficult it is to pronounce your business name.

Don’t Use a Restrictive Name

Don’t go for restrictive names that would limit your business. For example choosing a name ABC socks will limit you to only selling socks. No one would think about buying a shirt from ABC Socks. So a better name would be ABC clothing. This way you can expand your business and introduce new products without having to worry about marketing them with a wrong business name.

Arrange a Focus Group

Set up different focus groups for your business. Whether you are with friends, family or business partners, try to brainstorm names that would help in making your business more successful.

Get the Right Domain

These days having an online presence is very important for a business’s survival. You can find many types of domains like .net .co however what you should go for is the .com domain. The .com domains are usually difficult to find if your business name is something common so try to go for a creative and meaningful name that has a .com domain available.

The Business Name Should Convey a Message

The business name you choose should convey a message. It shouldn’t be just a random word. There are many companies we know that have a simple name however what we don’t realize is that each of those business names have a story behind them. For example the company Apple was name as such because Steve Jobs had recently been on a fruitarian diet and thought that name sounded fun, unintimidating and spirited. So when you are thinking about a name for your business, choose something meaningful to you or your business.

Feedback on the Business Name Is Important

Once you narrow down your choices, you should get feedback on those business names. Try to observe the business name, your potential clients are more attracted towards. This does not mean that you have to forcefully keep that name, it will just make you understand how you can attract more clientele for your business. The feedback from potential clients is important however, as the owner, the decision of choosing a certain name should only be yours.

You Should Love the Name

At the end of the day, you are going to run the business and it should be your decision to choose the name for your business. However the name shouldn’t be something that does not resonate with your business. You should focus on the above mentioned factors when choosing a name for your business, however when you narrow down your choices, you should always go with the name you personally like. You are the one who is going to take the company’s vision forward and if you are not personally happy with the name then that can cause problems for the business in the long run.