When starting a UK company there are many innovative ideas, names and even hashtags that you come up with.  Trademarking a hashtag might seem too far fledged. However, if you got a really good hashtag for your business to associate with and a competitor trademarks it before you, he/she will have the right to force you to change it.  Every company formation must try to secure their unique hashtags first and foremost. Hashtags are trendy and a huge part of your business in today’s world. Below are the things that you need to know to trademark hashtags.

Can You Trademark Hashtags in UK?

Yes, hashtags can be trademarked in UK just like any other phrase or word connected to a business. However, there are barriers that you need to overcome in order to be given official registration, as with most trademarks and constraints on what type of protection one can expect. There is also a basic filing fee for any kind of trademarking activity which is mandatory for all businesses to pay.

Process of Trademarking Hashtag

Like any other mark, you’d have to first provide the evidence of the service/product that you are associating the trademark hashtag with. The official authorities will run a background check whether the mark already exists or not and which category of goods/service it will fit.

Once the first step is cleared, you will be required to submit an application and pay the necessary filing fee. Now the reviewing process will start which can take around 4 – 6 months. If no problem is identified, your mark will be published in the official books. Lastly, you will receive a Certificate of Registration but till you do you can still use the hashtag wherever you want.


Trademark registration will not prohibit other users from using the hashtag on their social media accounts, nor is it a mechanism that will include a means to blacklist users who do it in a way that you do not approve. However, in the case of any business exploiting it to market a similar service or product in the same industry, it would have legal defence.

Importance of Trademarking Hashtag

Ultimately, whether you’d like to seek a trademark on the hashtag or not, you need to make the decision. It is because when businesses put in all the effort to make a name for themselves by using a particular hashtag, they would not want anyone else to manufacture sweatshirts and mugs with the hashtag they have worked to popularize. Everyone will start marketing these items without a trademark registration for this hashtag, leeching off years of their hard work in attempt to turn a fast buck. Starting a UK company requires a detailed planning prior head for every little thing. That is how businesses tend to live longer. There are many online websites in UK which help in company formations with in-depth planning. If you are looking for one then www.seedormations.co.uk is definitely the website to check out.