2021 was an amazing year for business owners. Even though many were hard-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, most businesses continued with their daily routine, and some even recorded high-profit margins. You might be an aspiring business owner. Many like you want to start a business so that they can get an extra income at the end of the day. There are so many business opportunities available in the year 2022 which you can try. In this article, you will see some of the businesses that you can start which will grow in 2022. You can choose from so many businesses as seen in this article.

Online teaching and coaching

This business will grow in 2022. With the Covid-19 pandemic still going on, many people are trying as hard as they can to reduce face-to-face contact. The demand for online education has grown over time and is one of the most preferred methods of gaining knowledge now. You can choose a subject that you are knowledgeable in and teach it. You can offer online classes or coaching sessions to anyone that might be interested in the subject you are teaching. You can create a page on the social media platforms available like Facebook and advertise your services to the public.

Outside Catering

The food and beverage services will always be needed. If you have been considering starting up a restaurant or providing catering services, then you are on the right path. You can start small by providing catering services to your friends and family. You can offer catering services for people who are having parties or events. You should make sure that your menu is different from what other catering businesses provide. Be unique. Hygiene is also important. Maintaining good hygiene will attract more customers to your business. If you decide to open up an eatery or restaurant, make sure you have done your research on the most favorable location you can set it up. You should also maintain high standards of hygiene in your restaurant and offer tasty meals.

Depending on your target customers, you can decide to specialize in a specific cuisine.

 Online selling

This is a business idea you should try especially if you are interested in fashion and have an eye for fashion. You can buy your goods from other websites and resell them at a different price to your customers. Once you have identified the goods that your customers prefer or are interested in, the best option is to bulk-buy then resell them. Bulk buying is usually cheaper than buying one item at a time. You can create a social media account for your business where you will be advertising your products. Later on, you can create a website for your business and sell your products from there.

Cleaning services

Everybody wants a clean house and environment. Why not start a cleaning company? If you love cleaning, this is the business for you. You can start by offering to provide cleaning services to your family and friends. However, before you start your business, do your research to find out which cleaning service people prefer and the rates people charge. Once you have known the type of cleaning service you want to offer, you can go ahead and purchase the cleaning materials. These include:

  1. Brushes
  2. Detergents
  3. Mops
  4. Gloves
  5. Sponges
  6. Dusters
  7. Dustpans
  8. Spray bottles
  9. Brooms
  10. Buckets

You should also make your services unique.

Child Care Services

This business will grow in 2022. In today’s world, many parents and guardians are held up in the bustles of work and life. Many find it hard to balance between taking care of their children and trying to make ends meet. You can decide to start a daycare business where you can take care of children when their parents are busy.

Accountancy services

These are highly sought-after services. If you are already a practicing accountant, then you can use your free time to offer accounting services to people who might be in need at a fee. If you are not an accountant, you can enroll yourself in accounting classes, gain knowledge, and start practicing. With the different businesses starting, many need accountants to organize their financial books and assess their assets.

Travel and Hospitality

Even with the ongoing pandemic, people still want to travel and go for vacations. You can start your travel agency. The travel agency should be able to cater to people of all lifestyles. You can offer city tours, country tours, and advice. You should make sure that the places people want to visit using your travel agency are easily accessible and safe. You can also outsource accommodation options for your customers and depending on where they want to go, offer transportation. Have packages that your customers can be able to choose from depending on the amount they want to spend.

You should also do your research and know the requirements needed to travel to certain countries or places and communicate the same to your customers.

Carwash services

Almost everybody owns a car and nobody wants to move around in a dirty car. This business has a big potential to grow because there is demand for carwash services. There are different types of carwash services:

  1. Full-service carwashes: this service will clean the car’s exterior and interior
  2. Self-serve carwashes: this is a service where the owner of a car does the washing by himself but use the premises and equipment of the carwash owner
  3. Exterior carwashes: these specialize in cleaning the exterior of the car only. While the washing is done, you can stay inside your car.
  4. Automatic carwashes: this type requires one to drive their car into a bay and have the exterior cleaned with automatic equipment.

When starting a carwash, you need to consider the costs of the different carwashes you might want to start, the pricing you will charge your customers, and how much profit you will get.

You should also consider the physical location of the carwash. How you advertise your business is very important. Use the social media platforms available in your area to advertise your business.

Delivery Services

Once people have purchased goods, they need to take them to their intended destinations. You can start up a delivery service company where you can be shipping or delivering the purchased goods to their owners. You can have a website where you can share the services and prices you charge.

Content writing

Content writing is a highly profitable business. You can establish yourself as a freelance content writer. You can provide your content writing services to companies, schools, and any other businesses. Have affordable rates for your services.

Content writing requires you to have a stable internet connection, a laptop, computer, or any telecommunication device. You can do this anywhere. You should however make sure that the content you provide to your clients is good and they are satisfied with it.

Transcription Services

This business requires one to have good listening and typing skills. If you have them, then this is something you should try. You will need to advertise your services or join sites like Fiverr to share your experience and gain customers. You can also consider becoming a certified transcriptionist. Do your research and find out what others in the business charge. With that in mind, you can go ahead and decide on how much you will be charging your customers.

Virtual Assistant services

Are you a good organizer? You can use your good organizational skills to set up a virtual assistant business. Virtual Assistants are in demand right now. As a virtual assistant, you will be required to perform some duties on behalf of your customers. These services can include:

  1. Making phone calls
  2. Scheduling appointments
  3. Making travel arrangements
  4. Responding to emails
  5. Blog writing
  6. Bookkeeping
  7. Finding potential clients

The advantage of the Virtual Assistant is you get to work remotely at the convenience of your home.

You can advertise your services through social media, word of mouth, etc.

Photography business

This business will always be in demand. Every day, people look for photographers to take pictures of them, their loved ones, their products, etc. If you are passionate about photography, this is the best business you can start.

You should invest in a good camera and photography equipment. Do your research and find out what the average prices of photography are in your area. Make a portfolio of the pictures you have taken and use them to advertise your work.

You can also create a website for your photography business where your customers will be able to go and see some of your work and find your catalog there. You can also create business accounts on the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where your clients will be able to find you.

If you can, enroll yourself in photography classes to polish your skills.

Uber transport business

Some people prefer using taxis and Uber instead of driving to their destinations. Being an Uber driver can help you to earn an extra income. For you to be an Uber driver, you need to have a valid driver’s license. You also need to meet the Uber driver’s requirements found on their website.

You should calculate the costs that will be incurred if you start the business. Once that is done, you should decide if that will be the right business for you or not.

Baking Business

Everybody loves a nicely baked cake. This is a business venture that you can try venturing into for it has the potential to grow in 2022. You can start small by baking within the comfort of your home. You can bake for your family and friends for a start. You should market your business to others in your neighborhood. Online marketing will also help you in your new business.

Take advantage of social media. Open a business account, share good-quality pictures of your baked goods, and attach prices to them. Once your business starts to grow, you can go ahead and open up a physical store at a convenient location. You can also employ other people once the business has grown to help you out in the shop to package the orders and to make deliveries.


This business is likely to grow in 2022. There are many elderly people in the country and many are usually sent to homes. You can decide to start up your own home where you will be helping families in taking care of their elderly ones.

The location where you set up the home should be elder-friendly to avoid accidents from happening. You should also provide good services like have a good food menu.

Pet Care

Many people have pets. Pet care is proving to be a business that will grow in 2022. Many people are venturing into this business. You can start by buying simple pet accessories like leashes, pet toys, food bowls, etc. You should then advertise your business and let others know that you are offering pet care services.

These businesses have the potential to grow in 2022. Before deciding on starting any business, make sure you do your due diligence. You should also know the requirements in your country to start up a business.

Once you have identified the business, go ahead and register it. Look for a suitable name for your business. Marketing your business will help you get customers. Take advantage of the social media platforms available like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc to market your business. You can also ask your family and friends to help you with referrals and in advertising your business. If you decide to have a physical location, make sure the place is easily accessible and safe. Make sure the business fulfills and exceeds the expectations of your customers.

Have a different bank account for your business and account for all the expenditures you use. Starting a business can be hard, but once it grows, you will be happy you started it. All the best!