Just started your own Coffee shop? Well, most of us know coffee is a drink that is brewed from roasted coffee beans. The roasted coffee beans are dark in color. Coffee is dark, slightly sour, and contains caffeine. People around the world drink and like coffee making it one of the most popular drinks. There are over 70 countries that plant and produce coffee. There are however five top producers of coffee. These countries are Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, and Vietnam. These countries produce tons of coffee and sell their coffee to other countries.

There are two types of coffee plants. There is the Arabica and the Robusta coffee plant. The countries in East Africa, Asia, Arabia, and Latin America produce the Arabica coffee plant. The coffee from the Arabica plant is milder and has more flavor and aroma.

Countries like Brazil, South Asia, and Western and Central Africa produce the Robusta coffee plant. The Robusta is cheaper to produce and grow compared to the Arabica plant. The Robusta coffee contains twice the caffeine content of Arabica making it a cheaper option for some coffee brands.

What are the benefits of coffee?

  1. Coffee helps to boost one’s energy levels. Coffee has caffeine, which is a stimulant. Coffee can help one fight fatigue and increase the body’s energy levels.
  2. Coffee helps in supporting brain health. Coffee helps in reducing the chances of having some brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. Coffee helps in weight management. Coffee alters fat storage and supports gut health. Taking coffee makes one have decreased body fat.
  4. Coffee benefits heart health. Drinking coffee will help you reduce the chances of getting a heart attack. Drinking coffee also helps one lower their risk of getting a stroke and heart failure.
  5. Athletes drink coffee to enhance their performance. Coffee increases the body’s energy levels, which helps athletics perform better.  
  6. Coffee also helps protect one’s liver. When one drinks coffee, the chances of him or her getting liver disease are fewer. Drinking coffee also reduces the chances of one getting liver scarring and liver cancer.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in America. About 64% of Americans drink coffee every day with 35% of them preferring black coffee. Which ethical and sustainable coffee brands are people taking in 2022? Here are some of the eco-ethical and sustainable brands.

Tiny Footprint Coffee

This coffee roaster is located in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Tiny Footprint Coffee is a roaster, which supports environmental sustainability. It has an environmental cause. Tiny footprint Coffee is the first company that is carbon-negative and supports sustainability and fair labor. Tiny Footprint Coffee gets its coffee from farmers who are good at taking care of their coffee plants. The coffee offered by Tiny Footprint Coffee is carbon neutral. Tiny Footprint pays the farmers it gets coffee a fair wage and this makes the farmers happy.

Tiny Footprint Coffee has classes where they teach people who are interested in learning about sustainable coffee. They offer the classes at 40 dollars. The classes are

  1. Barista 1 classes. Here people who are beginner and seasoned baristas can attend. They are taught about green coffee, what happens during roasting, and a lot more. At the end of the class, a barista will be able to make barista-like coffee drinks
  2. Latte art classes: these are classes where experienced baristas are taught how to create Latte coffee art and how to perfect their art.
  3. Coffee 101 classes: this class mainly talks about how an entrepreneur can manage his or her coffee shop.
  4. Cupping class: this helps people to know more about coffee beans. The class seeks to impart knowledge about coffee tasting, cupping, and profiling flavors.
  5. Brewing Basics: this class is best for people who like making coffee at home and baristas too.

Some of the coffee Tiny Footprint Coffee offers include Peru Ground Coffee, Cold Press Elixir, Peru Whole Beans, and Expresso Roast among other types of coffee.

Volcanica Coffee

Volcanica is a company in Atlanta, Georgia. It is an organic company, which sells coffee. The coffee Volcanica Organic Coffee sells is grown in soils that are rich in volcanic residue. A family owns Volcanica Coffee. Volcanica Coffee conducts ethical business and has one of the best customer services.

Volcanica Coffee sells over 130 varieties of coffee making it one of the most versatile coffee companies. Volcanica Coffee is a reputable brand. Volcanica Coffee is safe as it is an organic brand. Volcanica Coffee has a large decaf selection making it a healthier brand of coffee.

Volcanica Coffee gets its coffee from different parts of the world. They only pick the best coffee they find. Volcanica gets its coffee from the following countries among others.

  1. Columbia
  2. Costa Rica
  3. Ethiopia
  4. India
  5. Indonesia
  6. Jamaica
  7. Kenya

Volcanica Coffee gets its coffee from farms that practice sustainable farming. The Volcanica Coffee management also has communication and interacts with the local communities where they get their coffee. They also make sure they follow environmental-safe practices which are in line with their principles.

Some of the Coffee Volcanica Coffee offers include Estate Coffee, Blue Mountain Coffee, Bra Costa Brazilian Coffee, Peaberry Coffees, and Decaf Coffee among others.

Counter Culture Coffee

This coffee company was founded in 1995. Its main aim was to get perfect coffee by using environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability. Counter Coffee Culture is a coffee brand in Durham, North Carolina. The coffee offered by Counter Coffee Culture is premium grade.

Counter Coffee Culture offers classes to people and its employees who are interested in coffee brewing. The classes include

  1. Brew Guides: if you attend this class, you will be able to learn the basics of making coffee. During the lessons, you will be able to know about how to brew coffee well, how to adjust the temperatures and how to store securely the coffee.
  2. Training centers: These are centers where people are taught everything about coffee. These centers are found in areas all over the United States of America.
  3. Home Brew Classes: these classes intend to teach home baristas how to brew their coffee well. These classes can be done within the comfort of one’s home.
  4. Resource Center: this is a center that will tell someone how the perfection of the Counter Coffee Culture is done. It shows the different innovations, experiments, and collaborations that are made by the company.

Some of the coffee Counter Coffee Culture produces include Apollo, Big Trouble, Fast Forward, Forty-six, Hologram, and Slow Motion Decaf among others.

Counter Coffee Culture has subscription offers for people who might want their coffee.

Larry’s Coffee

This is a coffee-producing company in Raleigh, North Carolina. A company that is environmentally and socially responsible. Larry’s Coffee provides slow-roasted coffee. One of the advantages of Larry’s Coffee is it is a B-Certified Corporation. This means that the coffee produced by Larry’s Coffee is of the best quality and is a sustainable coffee roaster. Larry’s Coffee uses efficient energy by using renewable energy sources and sustainable infrastructure. Larry’s Coffee has rainwater-harvesting rooms, their water is powered by solar, and are using recyclable K-cups.

Larry’s Coffee is ethical and sustainable because it also gives back to the community. Larry’s Coffee uses sustainable ways to make life better.

Larry’s Coffee uses plant-based diesel to power its vehicles.

Larry’s Coffee has good relationships with the local coffee farmers. The farmers are considered partners by Larry’s Coffee Company. This makes the farmers feel valued and appreciated hence having better produce. This also makes the farmers feel motivated and they can take care of their coffee plants.

Larry’s Coffee also offers barista classes to the local community. This helps the local community to know how to make coffee at home for their personal use. Aspiring baristas are also given the knowledge they need in making coffee.

Larry’s Coffee also has a teacher grant where for every Awake in Class coffee is bought, 2 dollars is taken to the teachers’ grant. The teachers’ grant helps the local community to fund any educational project.

Some of the coffees Larry’s Coffee offers include Larry’s Beans Cowboy Blend, Larry’s Coffee Bolivia Single Origin, Larry’s Bean El Salvador Dali Blend, Larry’s Coffee Bean Martin, and Larry’s Coffee Mocha Java Blend among others.

If you want to buy the Larry’s Coffee brand, all you have to do is to subscribe and make an order for a coffee pack.

Nossa Familia

A coffee selling company located in Portland, Oregon. The Nossa Familia Coffee is a socially conscious company, which is family and fair trade focused. Nossa Familia Coffee’s main aim is to build positive and lasting relationships with the local farmers and environmental sustainability. The coffee farmers are family and treated as such.

The Nossa Familia Coffee has farms where they grow some of the coffee they produce. These farms are

Sul de Minas: This area contributes to producing Brazil’s coffee. The coffee plants grown here include Catuai, Obata, and Icatu among others.

Cerrado de Minas: the coffee produced here is one of the best tastings. It has a caramel scent.

The advantage of Nossa Familia Coffee is when they operate, they have social and environmental responsibility in mind. The decisions made by the company have sustainability in mind. Nossa Familia Coffee makes decisions that will have an impact on its workers. Nossa Familia Coffee makes decisions that will help them improve the quality of the products they produce.

Nossa Familia Coffee gives brewing guides. These methods help home brewers to know how best to brew their coffee. For the people who are interested in seeing how coffee is harvested, Nossa Familia Coffee offers coffee trips. These trips also help people learn how coffee is made: from the time it is plucked from the coffee tree to when it is brewed and people drink it.

Nossa Familia Coffee also offers barista training using their barista resources page. Here, upcoming baristas get tips and tricks on how to make the best coffee. Experienced baristas also get to learn a lot from the resources page.

The Nossa Familia Coffee offers the following coffee among others. Augusta’s Organic Breakfast, Brazilian Decaf, Camila’s Organic, Full Cycle, and Ernesto’s House.

The coffee brand above is best known for its ethical and sustainable practices. They strive to make sure that the employees are treated well. The coffee brands buy their coffee at fair prices. These coffee brands also offer classes and lessons to people to help them learn more about coffee and being baristas.