Covid-19 has changed the way most office spaces work. With social distancing rules applicable, co-working desks are a long shot from those rules. It is critical that everyone in an organization maintain their distance for their own and other people’s wellbeing.

Hot desks were the foundation of almost every working space. There are numerous organizations who have host desks for their employees to work on. So, post the covid-19 what are office spaces expected to look like? Before analysing this, let’s work out some basics.

What Are Hot Desks And Their Benefits?

Hot desks are a part of the office systems that are often called hot desking. This involves a singular surface where a group of employees are expected to work. Unlike the traditional workspace, employees are not assigned to be in a specific place. They can take a seat on the hot desk wherever it is available.

This has helped in creating a more flexible work environment and enables people to interact more often. Not only this, but it also gives people access to more central points. These central points could be for power outlets where you can charge your devices, or for things like printers. Furthermore, most offices also take care to supply their employees with the key amenities for their workspaces.

The Post Covid-19 Hot Desk Industry

With the way businesses shut down and prohibited physical presence during the Covid-19 situation, the future is uncertain. Sooner or later, the restrictions will be lifted, but currently, people are in need of new business models. They need workspaces that cater to their needs and ensure safety.

There are company formation agents that could help with the incorporation related issues at the earliest. The hot desk industry is currently experiencing an economic shock. People are stopping their rental payments and pulling out of contracts. Hot desks simply aren’t hygienic enough now.

The UK government has also been very clear about their stance. They have clearly specified that workstations are not something that should be used for collaboration anymore. Instead, moving back to the traditional model, they should be allocated to each employee. Workspaces should not be shared at any point as this would pose risk to the entire workforce of the organization.

Seed Formations which sets up a UK company for non-residents play a major role here. Keeping in view all these circumstances, all relevant changes are applied. These changes mean the eradication of hot desking in offices.

Covid-19 may have brought up the end of hot desking. It can safely be said to be a dead industry, but the future will always be uncertain. There is reason to believe that in case a long time passes post Covid-19, company formation agents may bring hot desks back.

After all, they bring amazing benefits to companies. It is very cost-effective in terms of setting up a workstation. Plus, they make workspaces more productive and fun. However, hygiene is the first priority and company formation agents make decision under the light of the current circumstances.