The topic of sustainability is not even an argument anymore as more and more people are promoting sustainable architectures and processes instead of the traditional production methods.

In fact, it is not surprising that the successful companies of the future will be sustainable companies that help to save the world little by little. After all, each step is necessary in order to reach the top, and each hand is important to make a circle that helps save the world.

Just like that, each company that takes a step towards sustainability is vital and is appreciated by all!

What Makes A Company Sustainable?

What is the major difference between a regular company that doesn’t care for the environment and a company that takes steps to preserve what’s left on the Earth?

When we start to notice such things, we can see that there are many ways that help a company become more sustainable and more productive. These steps can include architecture, gardening, recycling, preserving, and many other things.

However, if these are not enough, let us present to you the top-most sustainable companies in the UK that have mesmerized the world by their creative ideas and their goals towards preservation and sustainability. Look for yourself:

1.       Olio

What do you do with your leftover food that you do not want to eat the next day as well? Do you throw it away, or do you give it to other people? But, whenever you try to give that food to someone, you get hesitant as you do not want to give leftovers.

What if we told you that there are thousands of people that would want that? It is acceptable. But how is that possible to do?

Well, Olio is the perfect application and company that helps you deliver your food and connect to the people who would want it.

You just need to connect to the application, and after filling out the forms, you will be connected to someone who needs your leftovers. And that’s not all, now this app is used in over 50 countries, and they have expanded this service to toiletries and other things as well!

2.       Bulb

The traditional methods of making electricity and other energies are now outdated as they are not only harmful to the environment, but they also cost a lot. Let’s face it; you get terrified of the bill when you know that you have been using the heater or the AC all month. And when you pay it off, you also get hit by the thought that you just wasted non-renewable energy, and you have a part in ruining the Earth.

The bulb is a company founded by Hayden Wood and Amit Gudka. They have been producing renewable electricity by using water, air, and the sun. With these sources that are available easily, they have helped 1.3 million people lower their electricity bills.

That’s not all! They have even built wind farms and have taken part in rainforest protection programs.

3.       Pavegen

When you think about innovative ways and methods to produce electricity, what do you think? The most common things that come to our minds are wind, air, water, sun, and what?

What if we tell you that Pavegen has the power to convert footsteps into electricity? Isn’t that something out of this world? Well, luckily, this is present on the Earth and was invented by the founders of Pavegen.

So, how does this happen? The technology works in a unique manner. There are special tiles that are installed on the floor, and whenever someone steps on these tiles, they create electricity. The power is generated into kinetic energy and hence electrical energy.

They have installed these tiles in the busiest places, and it is no doubt that this is creative and innovative.

4.       Chips Board

What happens when you combine food with fashion or waste with fashion? If you don’t have the answer, chips board has it!

There are things that leave a man amazed, and the chips board’s technology is one of those things! They convert food wastes into fashion! And how do they do that?

Well, they take waste products like potato wastes and coffee grounds and turn them into biodegradable plastics. These plastic materials can be used and turned into different things such as glasses, frames and buttons, and whatnot!

The company has collaborated with Isabel Fletcher to provide her with fashion buttons that look sleek on her fashion apparel.

5.       Unpackaged

What do you do with the wrappers that come with grains and vegetables? What about the containers of cereals and rice? You throw half of the things away, and some go into the recycle bin.

But the founder of Unpackaged has found an amazing alternative to this excessive usage of packaging that helps no one. Unpackaged allows you to buy food and put them into your own containers. Just take your container with you and put food into it directly. You won’t have to worry about taking it home and storing it, as you will have done that step from the very start of it all!

6.       Library Of Things

Let us give you a scenario. You are playing with your children, and suddenly they say that they want to build a treehouse with you, but you don’t have a saw.

On the other hand, you do not want to spend money on tools that you will only use once in a lifetime. The solution? It’s a “library of things.” The company lets you borrow things for a while, and you can return them once you have used them.

It’s the perfect way to recycle and reuse things that you only need once. After all, it will save the production costs, and it will save you a hefty amount of money as well.

7.       Mooncup

What if we tell you that you use 11,000 sanitary pads in a lifetime? And imagine how much they would be if there were 3,905 million females in the world right now! The results are mind-blowing!

Mooncup is a company that promotes the use of menstrual cups for women. This can reduce the use of sanitary pads immensely. The 11,000 number can be reduced to 240, which is more than 45 times! When these moon cups are used, this can reduce the number of thrown pads and napkins. It is just a step in making the world a better place to live.

8.       Verto Homes

You can make your home self-sufficient. With Verto Homes, you can reuse the energy you spend in lighting up your house. Not only do these houses use solar energy to make electricity, but they are also made up of sustainable material that helps preserve the integrity of the world.

The company has helped thousands of people in making their homes, and they are working on more innovative things to present to the world.

9.       Toast

What happens to the last piece of bread in your house? And what about the crumbs of bread that you casually throw off because they are no longer edible?

Toast is a company that converts this waste into delicious beers. Their beers and wines are absolutely scrumptious, and they are made from these bread and grains.

Inspired by them all? You can start your sustainable company today with our programs! After all, every hand matters!