Schemes or strategies are generally proposed by marketers to persuade a customer that their company’s product is superior to others. These well-planned schemes in entrepreneurial terminology are referred to as a “unique selling proposition” or “unique selling point”. In simple words, unique selling point refers to certain, distinctive features or benefits exhibited by the company that makes the product more captivating and appealing in the eyes of the customer and attains a contrasting image from its competitors. It has been effectively used by various advertising agencies since ages, to market a specific product and create a well-defined profile of it by adding those highlighting features to the product which would form a much more meaningful and beneficial impression of it on the consumer.

For instance, packing a delicious bar of chocolate in some crinkled foil won’t be engaging enough in fact buyers might have suspicions regarding the product due to ill marketing capabilities of the brand, that is why forming a strong and competitive USP is mandatory and here are seven ways to establish unique selling points:  

  1. One should be Familiar with its Target Audience:

The company should have a coherent idea about the kind of customers a particular product would be able to target before launching any marketing schemes. For example, Nike is known for selling daily, commoditized product “sneakers” and created a sense of fascination amongst the people by developing a wide range of distinctive designs not only this its slogan “just do it” has drawn the attention of masses because it helps in motivating people and encourages them to chase after their goals and ambitions just how an athlete does.

  • Enlist Major Distinctive Features of the Product:

It is necessary to mention certain highlighting features of your service that would be capable enough in persuading a client to opt for your brand and also it should be considered to ponder from clients perspective that as to why the customers should prefer your business over others, for this purpose distinctive and brief explanations must be added that would be appealing enough to make a client think that these services are important and beneficial for him than the others.   

  • Re-invent USP for Your Existing Products:

One should keep on analyzing their existing product range as usually the once high recorded spike of the preexisting products with the passage of time declines therefore delivering a new USP would give the product more stability and a new lease of life.

  • Glorify your USP with a catchy slogan:

Chic, punchy slogans add more style to the product and also pulls people’s attention and by doing so they will remember your product or business.

  • Re-evaluate USP regularly:

The buzzing competitive life of business never ceases and produces new challenges that will continue producing more and more striking products just to increase their customers, therefore, a company must reevaluate its USP and generate new marketing strategies to increase their clientele.

  • The sales material should reflect USP:

Whatever your product is make sure that the USP is loud and apparent. Even if you’re relying on the salesperson for the selling of the product make sure that they are well trained in this area. 

  • Assurance of pledge:

Pledging your client is an essential part of USP. This not only polishes your work service but also forms a well-established image of your brand on the consumer.

Following these basic tips would keep your product range in demand and would prevent them from decomposing in some cold forgotten areas.