“Today, it is important to be present, be relevant and add value”, says the former CMO LinkedIn, Nick Besbeas. Business has changed quite a lot in the past few years. Today’s digital world has entirely different notion of a successful business and competing here is difficult.

Here are a few tips to help you boost your brand in this modern era.

Tip # 01: Decide on your target audience and focus on them

Do you think if Nike started making chips it would be as successful as Lays? No. The reason Nike and Lays both are successful is that they have their domains. They have a target audience and they focus on their needs and adjust their products accordingly.

Decide on a group of people who you want as customers. Do your research. Look for their pain points and develop your brand accordingly.

Tip # 02: Add value to your brand

You need to add value to your brand and it does not have just to be monetary value but ethical and social value as well. In today’s day and age, it is important to not just market your product’s specifications but also, promote how it adds value to society.

People need to see how your brand is working to make this society a better place. Your brand needs to build a bond with the customers.

Having a public opinion about social issues is always a good idea because 64% of the consumers all over the world said that they would decide on whether to buy from a brand or not based on the brand’s stance on a social or political.

Tip # 03: Help, Don’t Sell!

Brands succeed when they become a need for their customers. Don’t just sell your products to your customers instead help them understand their problem and then present them with the solution-i.e. your brand! 

By providing a solution to the customers’ problems, you will not just have regular customers but you would also win loyal advocates for your brand.

Tip # 04: Make and Market Good Content

“Content is king,” said co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. In today’s era, the first place that a consumer turns to while researching a brand is the internet. The quality of digital content can make or break a brand.

To make the most out of the power that content has, build an influential presence on social media. Promote your brand on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and wherever you can. Explain your brands through infographics posted on these media. Incorporate your brand’s values in these posts and connect with your target audience.

Having a website is imperative to provide your customers with assembled information about your brand. Post content on your website that resonates with your customers. Make the customers see how your products are providing value and helping them fulfil their needs. The business world is ruthless and intimidating. Many startups fail in their early years but those who stay tough during the tough days come out as winners. All you need to do is decide on your target audience. Make your brand have social value. Work to make your brand into what the customers can’t live without. And finally, master the art of content marketing. Doing this, your brand will get to