Starting a business is something many people wish they could do. If you love babies and kids, starting a business that will cater to them is one of the best decisions you will make. Baby and kid businesses are in high demand all over the world. There is a guarantee that if you start a baby and kid business, it will succeed and you will get to earn a lot of profit.

Starting up a baby and kid business does not have to be expensive. Use readily available resources to start up some of these businesses. Before deciding on a baby and kid business, you will need to decide on some things. They can include:

  1. Target market: since you want to start a baby and kid business, you already know what your target market is. You can narrow it down by deciding the age bracket of the babies and kids you will be offering your goods and services.
  2. Location: knowing the vicinity of your business is essential. Will you run it from home? Will you be required to get a space or an office? Where will you store your products? These are some of the questions you can ask yourself before starting your baby and kid business.
  3. Raw materials and supplies: if producing goods, the business needs to have a steady source of raw materials. Look at the equipment you need to run the business.
  4. State laws and rules: Before starting any business, especially a baby and kid business, do your research. Find out the laws, rules, and regulations of conducting a business in your area. Get the needed documents and licenses to avoid paying fines.
  5. Marketing strategy: your potential customers will not know about your business if you do not market it. Tell as many people as you can about your baby and kid business. Advertise your business on social media platforms, newspapers, radio stations, and word of mouth.
  6. Branding: it is essential to have a name and brand for your business. It will help others be able to differentiate between your business and others.

Now that you have an idea of the requirements to start a business, which profitable baby and kid business can you start? This article will give you 20 profitable ideas for kid and baby businesses you can have.


Parents like to keep memories of their babies and kids. Having pictures taken of them is a method most parents use. There is a spike in baby photography services as most people want to have photos of their baby’s and kid’s milestones taken.

It is a children’s business idea you can take into consideration. If you are good at photography, this is the best baby business idea. You do not need to have a fancy studio for a start. Take a room in your house and convert it to a studio. Get the required lighting equipment and props.

Take advantage of the online baby photography classes available. Watch on YouTube and learn the different techniques you can use in your baby and kid photography business. Once you have all the needed equipment, you can start advertising your business. Start by telling your family and friends about your baby business idea.

Kid toys

Both babies and kids love playtime. Playtime should make babies and kids learn, develop and enjoy themselves. Setting up a baby and kid toy store is an idea for a child’s business. Toys will always be in demand.

While setting up a toy store, have a variety of toys because every child is different. The baby and kid toys should be made from materials like wood, plastic, and cloth. The kid toys should cater to all age groups. If you cannot make the toys yourself, import them from other toy stores. If you are making the toys, you can sell them online in stores like Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy

Baby Clothes

It is a baby business that will always be in demand. Parents are selective with what their babies and kidswear. You can buy baby, kids’ clothes from other shops, and sell them to parents at a slightly higher price.

As your business picks up, you might want to design some of the clothes yourself. Parents are conscious about what their babies and kidswear. Many parents are going for more sustainable baby products to help conserve the environment. Sustainable baby products contain fewer chemicals. You can get organic materials and make baby clothes from them.

While making baby and kids clothes, cater to different age brackets.

Baby Products

There are many baby products parents need. These include feeding bottles, nursing pillows, baby plates, and more. Parents want products free from chemicals to reduce the risk of their babies and kids getting diseases. Sell sustainable baby products. These products are from organic materials, which are a healthier option than plastic materials.

Baby Food

Babies and kids need food to grow and stay healthy. If food is your niche, this is the right business for you. Parents want their children to eat non-contaminated food. Parents prefer their babies and kids to have high-quality food.

Do you have a garden? Grow some food in it. It will enable you to provide your customers with fresh non-contaminated food. If you have to, spray your food with organic fertilizer. You can also make the food you plant in your garden and sell it to other parents. Research nutritious meals you can make for babies and kids. It is a baby business idea that you can conduct from your kitchen.

Diapers business

Many parents prefer using diapers for their babies. Selling diapers is a business that will always be in demand. Babies and kids need diapers all the time. You can take advantage of the existing market and start selling diapers.

You can sell different brands and sizes to cater to different preferences. If you can, sell sustainable baby diapers. Most parents nowadays prefer these organic diapers. Such diapers are free of chemicals and are absorbent.


It is a baby business idea that is booming. Many parents are busy trying to fend for their families. It makes it challenging for them to take care of their children throughout the day. Many prefer leaving their children in daycares and picking them up later. It is a children’s business idea that can work. Set up a daycare in the comfort of your house.

Baby Laundry services

Parents are busy. Some do not have the time to wash their children’s napkins and clothes. Take advantage of this, and offer cloth, and napkin cleaning services. It will relieve the parents’ burden and will make you earn some money.

Baby furniture

There is a rise in demand for baby furniture. Parents need baby cots, cradles, feeding seats, and more. If you have such furniture available, you can rent them out. You can also sell them to other parents if you will not use them again.

If you are good at carpentry, you can make unique baby furniture designs. Advertise your products widely to make more people aware of the type of furniture you are selling.

Baby and Kids shoes

Selling baby and kid’s shoes is a children’s business idea that you should try. Parents like it when their children look good. As the babies grow, they will need shoes to walk. Babies and kids also outgrow their shoes fast. There will always be a demand for babies’ and kids’ shoes.

Sell comfortable shoes. You can also have them in different designs and colors. Sell the shoes at a favorable price.

Baby proofing products

We like our babies and kids being safe. Some things can pose a danger to babies and kids at home. Babies who have reached the crawling stage need extra protection. Making proofing products is a children’s business idea that will work.

Have training sessions with parents and teach them how to make their home a safer place. You can also sell proofing materials that parents can use around their homes.

Baby Formula

Baby formulas come in handy. Baby formulas are a substitute for breast milk. Some mothers may not be able to breastfeed their babies because of unavoidable circumstances. Some babies do not get full when breastfeeding.

If your baby business idea is selling formula, you are on the right track. This business will always be in demand. Have a variety of formulas to cater to babies of all ages.

Baby school

This is a baby business idea that is in demand. This is because many parents want their babies and kids to go to pre-school before enrolling them in school. Pre-school helps in the baby’s development. In pre-school, kids are taught the basic behavior and things, which will help them once they start going to school.

If you have a background in teaching, this might be the best children’s business idea you can start. You can set up a pre-school at your home and invite parents to bring their babies.

Parties and events

At least every year, parents throw birthday parties for their babies and kids. If you love organizing and are a good planner, this is a baby business idea you can try. You can offer planning and decorating services to people around you.

Have the basic tools you will need to decorate your events. Such tools include balloons, lighting, sound systems, etc.

Tutoring services

If you are a teacher, this is the best children’s business idea you can have. You can offer tutoring services to kids when they are on holiday or during the weekend. Offer these services at an affordable price and you will get many parents enrolling their children.

Kids’ bookshop

Opening up a bookshop with all the kids’ essentials is a profitable business idea. Have all the necessary books children need in your bookshop. Have a variety of books and materials available. You can also stock children’s movies. Have stationery like pencils, colors, crayons and much more.

Decorating baby rooms

Are you an interior designer? This is a children’s business idea. Before receiving their bundle of joy, many parents nowadays want to have a nursery for their babies. Parents want to have the nursery well decorated in readiness for the baby that is coming. Parents also want to have their kids’ rooms well decorated.

You can start this business and offer room decorating services. Make the rooms according to what the parents or kids want. Bring out your creative side while decorating the rooms.

Swimming classes

Swimming is a skill everyone should have. Babies and kids need to learn this skill at an early age. If you are a good and trained swimmer, you can put your skill to use. Offer swimming classes to babies and kids. You can have the lessons take place in a heated pool. You can offer your services in schools or you can have private arrangements with the parents.

Kids friendly Apps

Are you are tech genius with the knowledge to create apps? You can make this a business. Create baby, kid-friendly apps, and sell them to other companies. You can also sell them to parents and teach the babies and kids how to use the apps at a fee.

Special Needs business

Some babies are born with special needs. They might be autistic, have Down syndrome, or have any other special needs. Few services cater to kids with such conditions. Why not start a business and cater to these babies and kids?

Offer services that help in the development and growth of special needs children. You can make play areas, which are friendly to them, toys and meals.


Baby and kid businesses are one of the most profitable businesses. When starting a business to care for babies and kids, pick your niche and stick to it. Advertise your business on social media and through word of mouth. As you start your business, make sure you have all the licenses required. Have a specific target market in mind and do your research well.